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Make a Difference for Animals in 15 Minutes or Less!

At HomeAmy-desk.jpg

Don’t want to leave your armchair? No problem!

1. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for animal-related issues and write a letter in support of animal rights to the editor of every magazine or newspaper that you read—your letter might be read by millions of people!

2. Thank publishers and producers for animal-friendly messages on TV and in print.

3. Write letters to companies that conduct cruel experiments on animals, such as Iams and its parent company, Procter & Gamble.

4. Call and write your legislators, asking them to support animal-friendly legislation and thanking them for any similar past support.

5. Call in to radio talk shows and tell the audience all about the huge array of vegetarian and vegan options available at your local grocery store or how much weight you lost when you went vegan!

6. Give your friends a message when they leave one for you! Record an animal rights message on your voice mail or answering machine, such as, “Millions of animals die every hour in the United States for their flesh. For a free vegetarian starter kit, call 1-888-VEG-FOOD.”

7. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog if you’ve noticed that he or she is always tied up outdoors or left alone throughout the day. Make sure the dog has food, fresh water, and toys.

At Work

1. Display animal rights literature for people to see and take.

2. Donate to groups that help animals.

3. Make cruelty-free investments.

4. Buy cruelty-free supplies for your office restroom and kitchen.

5. Keep a coffee mug with an animal rights message at your desk.

6. Display PETA’s pocket-sized guides or vegan starter kits.

7. Take yummy vegan food to the next office party.