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Millions of Pigeons Die in Taiwan Sea Races

Young birds are shipped out to sea, released in the middle of the ocean, and forced to fly back home. Often less than 1 percent of birds survive.

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Investigation Reveals Horrific Cruelty to Turkeys

Watch our investigation video into a turkey farm and take action to stop the cruelty.

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Urge Feds to Stop Funding Sick Animal Sex Experiments

Taxpayer dollars are going toward disgusting and cruel sex experiments on animals. Urge the feds to stop using YOUR money to fund this!

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Tell Arrowhead Research to Stop Experimenting on Chimpanzees!

Please urge Arrowhead to halt all experiments on chimpanzees!

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Urge Washington University to Stop Hosting Petting Zoos

Please urge Washington University to stop hosting petting zoos on campus and let officials know that animal exploitation has no place at an institution of higher education.

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Urge Groupon to Stop Promoting Cruel Animal Shows!

Please tell Groupon to leave animal-based acts out of any promotions, effective immediately.

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Speak Out Against Groundhog Torture in Newburgh! ©

Speak Out Against Groundhog Torture in Newburgh!

Please urge the members of the Newburgh City Council to forgo lethal methods in favor of humane repellents. Groundhogs need your voice!

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Naked Laura Vandervoort: Confined and Scared

Laura Vandervoort is confined in a tank–but only for a few moments. Captive orcas lose their freedom for their entire lives.

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Nosey Needs You! Urge the FWC to Revoke Circus’s Captive Wildlife Permits

Nosey needs you to tell the FWC to revoke Liebel’s permits once and for all.

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25 Reasons You Should Never Fly Air France

Air France is the only major airline in the world that still ships monkeys to be killed in laboratories. This is how they do it.

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The Best Way Ever to Show Your Love for Peter Dinklage? Share This Video! ©

The Best Way Ever to Show Your Love for Peter Dinklage? Share This Video!

The Game of Thrones star went vegetarian at 16. Now nearly 30 years later, he’s looking better than ever—and saving the lives of hundreds of animals, too!

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Ask Animal Planet to Take Cruel Hunter Jim West Off the Air

Speak up for wild animals now by urging Animal Planet to cancel ‘Wild West Alaska’!

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Thiago ‘The Pitbull’ Alves Speaks Out Against Dogfighting!

UFC fighter Thiago “The Pitbull” Alves uses his voice to fight against animal abuse in his ad and interview for PETA.

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Update: Chick Giveaway Canceled in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

We just learned that the live chick giveaway has been canceled!

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Undercover Exposé Reveals Live Lobsters, Crabs Torn Apart!

PETA’s recent investigation shows live animals being RIPPED APART limb from limb at slaughterhouse where an estimated 2.3 MILLION lobsters & countless crabs will be killed.

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