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Speak Out Against ‘Mutton Busting’ School in Ohio! ©

Speak Out Against ‘Mutton Busting’ School in Ohio!

Please inform Creek Bend Ranch’s owners that sheep indeed experience pain—as well as fear and stress—and urge them to end their “mutton busting” school.

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Princeton Staff Tormented Monkey for Fun in Tax-Funded Lab ©

Princeton Staff Tormented Monkey for Fun in Tax-Funded Lab

Please urge Princeton to make immediate plans to relocate its marmosets to an accredited sanctuary, where they can live in a safe, more natural environment and be treated with …

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Contact Congress Today to Help Stop Circus Suffering!

Urge your representative to support and co-sponsor the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 4525) and help put an end to the suffering.

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Speak Out Against Goldfish Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Deshler Amusements, Inc., to implement a policy against ALL animal giveaways!

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Urge Earth Fare to Require Suppliers to Stop Dehorning Cows

Please urge Earth Fare to require its suppliers to phase out the practice of dehorning.

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Urge the FDA to End Painful Tests on Animals

Please ask the FDA to accept superior non-animal methods in place of archaic and unreliable animal tests.

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Avon, Mary Kay, Estée Lauder, and Revlon Are Paying for Tests on Animals

Please take a moment to let Avon, Mary Kay, Estée Lauder, and Revlon know that you are disappointed in their backsliding and that you will no longer buy the …

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Pledge to Skip Seafood

The best thing that you can do for fish, crustaceans, and other sea life is to refuse to eat them. Take the pledge today!

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What are “ag-gag” bills?

Over the last few years, as more and more consumers have become concerned about the rampant abuse of animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, the agriculture industry has …

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UPDATE: Help Bird Allegedly Plucked Raw at Zoo!

The injured bird has been removed from the pen so that she can heal and won’t be returned to it!

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8 Vegan Athletes With More Muscles Than You

Meet eight superhuman plant-powered athletes who are blazing a trail for the ever-growing field of vegan athletes.

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Urge Maryland Renaissance Festival to Cancel Elephant and Camel Rides!

Urge the Maryland Renaissance Festival to end elephant and camel rides once and for all.

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Urge California Country Club to End Cruel Tradition!

Please urge Menlo Circus Club to end this barbaric tradition!

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Urge LivingSocial to Cancel Cruel Ringling Bros. Promotion!

Please contact LivingSocial and politely ask the company to cancel its Ringling ticket deal and to agree never to promote Ringling again.

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