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URGENT: Turkeys Hurled From Airplane in Yellville; at Least Two Die

Urge Yellville officials and Turkey Trot festival sponsors to end this monstrous tradition.

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Help End Forced Dissection Participation in the U.S.!

In 27 states in the U.S., students can be forced to take part in cruel and unnecessary animal dissections. Help us achieve dissection choice for ALL!

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Urge the Indian Government to Close Abusive Horse Facilities

Urge the Indian government to shut down equine-serum facilities that abuse horses, donkeys, and mules.

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Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways at the Georgia State Fair!

Please join PETA in urging Georgia State Fair officials to implement a policy against live-animal giveaways.

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Tell the American Museum of Natural History to Stop Exploiting Crocodiles!

Please urge the American Museum of Natural History to shut down the alligator and crocodile exhibit and stop supporting the skins trade.

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Tell Hallmark Cards to Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees!

Please send a polite note to Hallmark Cards asking the company to stop producing and selling all greeting cards featuring captive great apes.

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Urge Richard Branson and Virgin to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

It’s time for Virgin Group to hear from you about why promoting SeaWorld doesn’t fly.

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Help Stop Goats From Being Cruelly Slaughtered in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Please join PETA in urging Oaxaca officials to ban this horrific animal abuse!

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VICTORY: The Kooples Breaks Up With Fur! ©

VICTORY: The Kooples Breaks Up With Fur!

French fashion brand The Kooples has decided to uncouple from the cruel fur industry.

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Urge LuLu Shriners to Stop Sponsoring Cruelty to Animals!

Please urge officials to replace these cruel events with humane alternatives.

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Decades of Suffering: Corky’s Life in Captivity

Abducted from her mother’s side in the ocean decades ago, Corky still floats listlessly in a tiny tank at SeaWorld. She needs to get home.

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Urge Deer Haven Mini Zoo to Retire Suffering Animals to a Reputable Sanctuary Immediately

This roadside zoo is confining an ailing bear to a tiny concrete slab covered with feces, and animals show signs of distress. Speak up now!

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Urge Tri-State Zoo to Retire Animals to Reputable Sanctuaries!

Urge Tri-State to close its doors and surrender the animals it confines to reputable sanctuaries.

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Tell Tel Aviv University to Stop Mistreating Animals in Its Labs

A volunteer at Tel Aviv University’s I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research blew the whistle on the facility’s cruelty to animals. Tell the school to stop mistreating animals …

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Urge Carnival Company to Ditch Hermit Crab Giveaways! ©

Urge Carnival Company to Ditch Hermit Crab Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Elliott’s Amusements, Inc., to implement a policy against live-animal giveaways

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