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Implore Perrysburg High School to End Cruel Tradition!

GoldfishFish are far more complex than many people realize, and experts agree that they are capable of great suffering. However, students at Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio, reportedly have engaged in the gruesome “tradition” of swallowing live goldfish during halftime at basketball games—and with the apparent support of school administrators! Dooming these tiny animals, who have no means of escape, to an agonizing death in a bath of digestive acids is grossly inhumane. It also poses health risks to humans because of potential parasite and disease (salmonella) transmission. PETA asked school officials to end this activity for the sake of both students and goldfish, but to no apparent avail. We need your voice now!

Please urge Perrysburg High School administrators to put a permanent end to goldfish swallowing events—then forward this alert far and wide!

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