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Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads


Despite receiving information from PETA about how monkey "actors" suffer behind the scenes, HomeVestors of America, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses, is running a television commercial featuring a capuchin monkey.

Monkeys used for film and television are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth—a heartbreaking experience from which they seldom recover—and typically deprived of everything that is critical to their well-being, including proper exercise, natural diets, the companionship of other monkeys, and the opportunity to engage in their instinctive behavior. Capuchin monkeys are meant to live in the jungle in large groups—foraging for food, using tools, and swinging through the canopy. Over the long term, the loss of freedom and independence has been shown to lead to debilitating loneliness and depression. Once these animals grow old, become sick, or are no longer useful to their trainers, most are discarded or sold into the pet trade. Many monkeys languish in tiny cages in backyards, basements, or garages. Others die as they are shuffled from one owner to the next.

A 2015 study reports that the way monkeys are displayed in the media, such as in human settings and in contact with humans, can have serious effects on how the public perceives the animals. People see monkeys as cute and interesting and want to keep them as pets without having any real knowledge of their needs or lifespan (up to 45 years in some cases).

Many companies—including Burger King, Capital One, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss & Co., Hasbro, and the ad agency Young & Rubicam—have banned the use of monkeys and other primates in their ads. Please urge HomeVestors to join these responsible companies by pulling its ad and agreeing not to feature monkeys in future ads.

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