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Spread the Word That the Military’s Animal Abuse Is Un-American

Speak up and help save animals from being shot, stabbed and mutilated by the U.S. military in cruel trauma training exercises.

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5 Ways to Help Animals at a BBQ

BBQs are the quintessential summer event—and the perfect place to advocate for animals. Here’s how.

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Turtles Need YOU This Season

Many turtles are severely injured or killed on roads every year. If you see a turtle on or near a road, here’s what to do!

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5 Things to Do if You See a Dog in a Hot Car

The next time you see a dog trapped in a hot car, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor! ©

Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor!

Not sure how to go vegan? Sign up for PETA’s Vegan Mentor Program and a seasoned vegan will guide you to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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What to Do if You Find a Stray Dog or Cat

You could be a crucial part of reuniting lost animals with their families or, if they don’t have homes, giving them a chance at finding one!

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Let Fish Like Dory Live Happily in the Wild

Fish (and all animals) suffer greatly when they’re kept in captivity, but you can help them! Here’s how.

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Check Out PETA’s Life-Changing iPhone App

Check out the easiest way to take action in PETA’s campaigns and the single greatest tool in the history of animal rights.

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How to Make Your Own Animal Rescue Kit

You never know when you’ll come across homeless or injured animals. Do you have the supplies ready to save them?

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Dogs Being Killed for Leather NEED Your Help

What if your leather gloves were actually made of dog skin? Sadly, that may be the case—but you can HELP change this!

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