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12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season!

Check out our comprehensive list of ways to help animals this holiday season!

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Holiday Gifts for Animals! © Randi Fair

Holiday Gifts for Animals

Are your friends and family asking you what to get you this holiday season? Here are some animal-friendly suggestions for you to post on social media!

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Spread the Word about #WoolFreeWinter

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and many people still don’t know that buying wool supports the torturing and killing of sheep. Please help them!

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Make Fur-Free Friday the Biggest Vegan Shopping Day of the Year

This holiday season, it’s time to get into the cruelty-free spirit and urge others to turn Black Friday into the biggest vegan shopping day of the year!

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Thanksgiving: Let’s Help Turkeys!

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to help turkeys!

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Airlines That DO and That DO NOT Ship Primates to Labs

Find out which airlines have agreed not to ship primates to laboratories, which ones still do, and how you can help stop them!

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PETA’s Action Team Wants to Hear From YOU!

We want to learn all about you, one of our animal-saving heroes! Take our quick survey

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4 Ways to Fight SeaWorld Using Your Computer!

SeaWorld is losing money as fast as it’s losing patrons. Tell the abusement park to release the animals it imprisons to seaside sanctuaries once and for all!

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What's Your Animal-Saving Style? (Quiz)

Do you help animals like a busy beaver or an enthusiastic elephant? An advocating alligator or a devoted duckling? Take this quiz to find out!

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14 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Do Great Things

Trying to get inspired? Trying to inspire a friend? These quotes will do the job.

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