Purple Carrot Aces PETA’s Vegan-Friendliness Test

All-Vegan Meal-Kit Service Is Ready to Deliver Protein-Packed Plant-Powered Meals

For Immediate Release:
October 25, 2017

Audrey Shircliff 202-483-7382


Because the demand for vegan meals and the popularity of meal-kit delivery services are growing every year, PETA set out to grade more than two dozen of these services on their vegan-friendliness—and Needham-based Purple Carrot nabbed an A, thanks to its 100 percent vegan menus.

With dishes such as Italian Cannellini Stew with Mustard Greens and Vegan Parmesan and Taco Salad with Chipotle Seitan and Cashew Cheese, this company focuses on meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious—and its Performance Meals plan is perfect for athletes with additional protein needs.

“PETA awarded Purple Carrot an A for showing how delicious, healthy, and creative vegan cuisine can be,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “With vegan dining more popular than ever, meal-kit companies that want to stay competitive should follow Purple Carrot’s example and start offering vegan meals.”

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”—notes that in the meat industry, chickens’ and turkeys’ throats are slit while they’re still conscious, piglets are castrated and their tails are cut off without any painkillers, and cows are hung upside down and bled to death, often while they’re still able to feel pain. In addition to sparing animals immense suffering, vegans have a lower risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and are less likely to become obese than meat-eaters.

Other all-vegan companies to earn an A include Veestro and 22 Days Nutrition. Vegan-friendly companies such as Chef’d, which is now offering the Beyond Burger, and Paleta earned a B rating for their numerous easy-to-find vegan options, while companies that offer just a few vegan meals received Cs and Ds. F-ranked companies include Blue Apron, whose customer-service representatives tell people wanting to order vegan to give the eggs and dairy products to friends and purchase their own replacements, which would have ethical consumers paying for cruelly produced items.

For more information and to view the complete rankings, please visit PETA.org or click here.

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