Calling All Book Buffs: PETA’s Top 10 Must-Reads for Summer Are Here

For Immediate Release:
June 17, 2021

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Norfolk, Va.

Summer’s here, and PETA is sharing its favorite titles, featuring stories about a boy who set out to help two captive bears and succeeded, an animal experimenter’s change of heart, the astounding abilities of animals, and more. Here are PETA’s top 10 picks to add to your summer reading list:

  1. What a Fish Knows by Jonathan Balcombe, an exploration from a myth-busting ethologist of the rich inner lives of fish
  2. Becoming Wild by Carl Safina, a moving account by an ecologist of the various ways in which other species raise their young and create lasting cultures, stressing that we’re all animals
  3. Bear Boy by Justin Barker, a coming-of-age tale that follows a teen’s efforts to help two black bears languishing at a ramshackle roadside zoo
  4. Greta’s Story by Valentina Camerini, an investigation of the powerful planetary movement launched by the vegan eco-activist Greta Thunberg
  5. An Unnatural Order by Jim Mason, a provocative tract that makes the case against the human “dominionist” worldview
  6. Animalkind by Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Stone, a collection of stories detailing remarkable new discoveries about animals and revolutionary ways to show them compassion
  7. Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals by Dr. John P. Gluck, in which a former animal experimenter reveals how he developed empathy for the macaque monkeys he used in maternal deprivation studies
  8. Give a Sh*t by Ashlee Piper, an inspiring book that asks readers to get the vegan ball rolling in various ways, from helping mother cows by switching to dairy-free milks and cheeses to using plant-based leather to help protect the environment
  9. The Animals’ Agenda by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, which combines scientific studies with individual animals’ stories to tackle issues ranging from animal agriculture to roadside zoos
  10. Vegan Style by Sascha Camilli, an introduction to veganizing all aspects of our lives, including fashion and homeware

“Other species are as complex and feeling as we are, and their stories of adventure, heartbreak, and resilience reflect that,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “Whether you’re a college student on vacation or a retiree lounging poolside, PETA’s summer reading picks will deepen your appreciation for all the wondrous animals who share our world and how human supremacism often unfairly relegates them to the laboratory cage or the dinner plate.”

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