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A Nice Suit Speaks Volumes—Make Sure Yours Screams ‘Vegan’

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Ready to get down at prom? Or maybe you need some fresh threads for an upcoming wedding? Don’t put a damper on your dapper with a suit made of materials stolen from abused animals—choose a vegan suit instead!

What makes a suit not vegan


King & Allen gave us some insider knowledge on getting the perfect vegan suit tailored for you. When you’re out shopping, consider the following:

Bamboo Cloth Is Where’s It’s At

Buying a wool suit supports an industry in which sheep are systemically abused: They’re kicked, punched, mutilated, and thrown. Why support all that violence when you could opt for a unique suit made of bamboo fiber material? Bamboo is extremely durable and even crease-resistant.

Bamboo suit by Brave GentleMan

Classic Cotton and Linen Suits

These materials are known for being breathable and comfortable—the perfect combination for a summer wedding. Best of all, you’ll feel relaxed knowing that no animals were punched in the face just so that you could look fancy while dancing the Cha-Cha Slide with your tipsy friends and relatives. Popular brands like Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, and Zara offer numerous options for cotton and synthetic suits.

Zara Cotton Suit

Dress As Smooth As You Feel: Go With a Velvet Suit

There’s a reason the voices of R&B singers are said to be velvety smooth. These suits have a high-class look and make a statement. They’re made of a cotton/modal blend and come in a variety of colors. (If anyone out there is rocking a purple velvet suit, we want pictures.)

Cotton velvet jacket by Tommy Hilfiger

Show Out With Vegan Lining

As the specialists at King & Allen state, “The lining on your suit is an important addition to the overall look and a chance to show off some of your personality.”

Some suits are lined with silk, which is made by boiling thousands of sensitive worms alive. When having your vegan suit tailored, ask for a poly blend or viscose-based lining. Another lining option is a cotton material called cupro, which has a soft, silky feel without the cruelty and is completely biodegradable.

Denver Bespoke

Button Up With Compassion

Who knew that you even have to watch out for the buttons on nonvegan suits? Buttons can be made of animal horns or shells from sea life (often called “mother of pearl”). Opt for ones made of synthetic materials, or go for creative corozo nut buttons! They have a distinct look, thanks to the grain of the nut.

Hold Your Suit Together: Construction

Many people may be surprised to learn that the innards holding a suit together can be made of horse hair (gross). When having a suit tailored, ask for a synthetic canvas. In addition, pads and the melton (the piece of cloth found underneath the jacket’s collar) could be made of wool. Ask your tailor to replace these pieces of fabric with plant-based materials or innovative synthetics.

Vegan Suit Materials

Tie the Knot With Your Vegan Suit

Instead of wearing a tie made of wool or silk, opt out for one made of vegan materials. Longtime PETA Business Friend and winner of multiple PETA awards Jaan J. is known for having the hottest, most sophisticated ties and accessories around. The company also makes numerous PETA-branded ties.

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Need more help finding animal-free threads? Check out PETA’s “How to Wear Vegan” tips today.

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