Published by Emmie Michaud.

With a sharp heel and a sleek silhouette, stilettos are both trendy and timeless. When they’re made from cruelty-free materials like vegan leather, there’s no denying that nothing is more chic than compassion. “Luxury” brands such as Christian Louboutin, Prada, and Gucci use their well-known names to hide the torture of countless animals who are killed for their skins. Discerning shoppers know that there’s nothing stylish about slaughter, and with so many stunning vegan stilettos to select from today, the choice is easy. From simple to statement, these picks from top vegan designers are a perfect fit.

The Accessorized Shoe
A statement shoe is the perfect way to spice up your favorite little black dress or add some excitement to a neutral office ensemble. VEERAH’s Mulan pairs a red orchid floral with an emerald tassel for a shoe that will garner countless compliments. This silky, sky-high stiletto is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and features a memory foam insole, making it as kind to your foot as it is to the environment.

The Classic Black
Black shoes flawlessly coordinate with most outfits, so this pair of stilettos can dress up a pair of jeans and a blouse for daytime, then seamlessly move into an springtime evening look. The Paris by Beyond Skin will be your new favorite heels.

The Floral
Whether you’re just beginning to build your vegan footwear wardrobe or your budget allows for only one versatile pair, a colorful stiletto is the perfect choice. Zara offers this staple shoe at an affordable price that will allow you to stretch your shoe budget a bit further.

The Natural
In the world of everyday fashion, a beige, taupe, or tan stiletto is the equivalent of a classic white button-up shirt. It’s versatile, neutral, and a definite must-have. Like any other standard piece, countless variations are available, giving you the opportunity to find a version that perfectly suits your style. The Dani Nude Suede Lace-Up Heels from Lulus combines the soft look of vegan suede with a customizable gold-tipped tie strap and pointed toe for an edgy yet feminine vibe.

vegan suede tan stiletto

The Color Pop
A red stiletto was the daring accessory of yesteryear—think pinups and Marilyn Monroe—but it’s 2017, and our color palette has expanded. A pop of color in the form of a brightly hued stiletto makes any ensemble just a little more fun, whether you choose a classic red, a saturated jewel tone, or an edgy neon. Coquette’s “AZAR” Aqua Patent Leather stiletto might simplify your decision, since turquoise is universally flattering. With a sky-high heel, patent finish, and bright aquatic color, this stiletto is the perfect way to make a splash at a poolside soirée.

Your compassionate choice to stock your closet with vegan footwear is commendable. Beyond the fact that you’ll be doing the world a favor by looking so chic, you’ll be saving animals from lives of torture and slaughter. Now it’s time to reward yourself by buying one of these great choices—or one of the thousands of other vegan options by today’s top designers.

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