Published by PETA Staff.

A collaboration this good happens only once in a long while. PETA has joined forces with Italian luxury shoemaker Mink to create limited-edition, vegan ostrich-print ballet flats. Catch your breath, because there’s more.

PETAxMINK flats are available in two colors—wine and black—and feature a gold PETA bunny charm. Like all Mink couture shoes, these flats are made of high-tech, durable, nonsolvent microfiber fabric—and in honor of the collaboration, a percentage of sales from the collection will go toward PETA’s important work to help animals used in the clothing industry.


Earlier this year, PETA released the first-ever exposé of the highly secretive ostrich-slaughter industry, in which young ostriches endure immense suffering before they’re finally killed and their feathers are plucked out to create the bumpy-textured skin used in ostrich-leather handbags. The best way to avoid being a part of this horror is to buy vegan ostrich leather instead of the cruelly produced kind.


While ostrich-skin shoes harm animals, Mink’s cruelty-free ostrich-print shoes will help PETA save animals. With their stylish design and luxe vegan Italian leather, PETAxMINK shoes are the perfect choice for shoppers looking to make a kind high-end purchase. Be sure to get your pair in time for the holidays!


To read more about animals used for clothing, and how to wear vegan, check out our How to Wear Vegan feature.

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