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There are lots of things that can damage our hair. Overuse of styling products, harsh winter winds, too much sun, dry climates, changes in hormone levels—the list goes on. There are, however, several things that we can do to get our tresses back in shape.

Follow a healthy diet.
Hair needs nourishment, so make sure that you are eating a healthy diet and nourishing yourself from the inside out. Nutrients that help promote healthy hair include vitamins A and C, iron, zinc, biotin, B vitamins, and protein. Make sure that your diet includes an abundance of beans, nuts, legumes, carrots, citrus fruits, and dark leafy greens.

Protect your hair from the elements.
Wear a hat, especially if you are leaving the house on a cold morning with damp locks. If you have long hair, it can also be helpful to keep it pulled up so that it’s not exposed. Hair can also be damaged by exposure to the sun. Consider using scarves, bandanas, or hats in the summer, too, when you will be spending prolonged amounts of time outdoors.

Shampoo less frequently.
If your hair is becoming dry and you use shampoo everyday, try switching to every other day. If you feel that you need to wash your hair everyday, try simply rinsing with cool water and just using conditioner on days that you don’t shampoo. When you do shampoo, try a shampoo formulated for your specific hair needs, whether you are trying to stimulate hair growth or moisturize a dry scalp.

Play with your hair. Lightly massaging your scalp can help evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair. This can be especially good to do just before washing your hair. The oils will help protect your locks from the cleansing agents in the shampoo. Next time you are lounging around watching television, give your head a little massage!

Indulge in a moisturizing treatment.
There is an abundance of commercial, cruelty-free hair-repairing formulas out there, but you can make your own: Simply massage jojoba oil or olive oil into your hair. Leave the oil on your head for about 10 minutes covered with a warm towel (longer if you have lots of damage). Then shampoo it out and style it as usual. This also happens to double as a really great treatment for your hands. If you opt for a commercial formula, try one from Aveda, LUSH, or The Body Shop.

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