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It’s more than likely that you’re going to start hearing a new phrase in the beauty world: transgender-friendly cosmetics. One company, JECCA MAKEUP, has been hard at work developing a revolutionary new cosmetics range, and it’s available just in time for the holidays.

British makeup artist Jessica Blackler is the brains behind the new PETA-approved and entirely vegan line. Her goal in starting the brand was simple: “to help everyone to feel better in their own skin by celebrating their uniqueness and individual beauty.”

She explains that “[e]veryone who wants to wear makeup should be able to openly buy and apply it without fear of judgement or recrimination.”


JECCA’s origin story is that of any determined entrepreneur who sees an obvious need that isn’t being met. Blackler noticed that the beauty industry wasn’t offering products to those in the transgender community, and she decided to take matters into her own hands. The products are designed to “tackle scarring and beard shadow” by providing the right amount of coverage without caking or feeling heavy. Future plans include creating cosmetics for genderqueer and male-identified people.

JECCA MAKEUP’s debut product, the Correct & Conceal Palette, will launch on December 18, and you can pre-order it now. More products are set to be released in the coming months.

Why Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

For those of you who are new to the “cruelty-free” scene, this term means that the product was developed without using any animal tests, while “vegan” means that the product doesn’t include any animal-derived ingredients. One simple and effective way of combatting tests on animals is to vote with your money. Continuing to support cruelty-free, vegan brands and avoiding those that test on animals will help make these cruel and archaic tests a thing of the past.

Want to know if your favorite cosmetics brands test on animals? You can enter any brand name into our Beauty Without Bunnies database to find out. (If you’re a beauty-products fan, you’ll probably want to bookmark this page.)

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