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Certain trends come and go, but Wu-Tang Clan fashion is forever.

36 Chambers—the lifestyle company cofounded by Mustafa Shaikh and hip-hop legend RZA—recently teamed up with German vegan company Embassy of Bricks and Logs to launch the Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket, a new limited-edition down-free coat made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

RZA himself is an adamant vegan and animal rights activist. The Wu-Tang Clan leader and producer has teamed up with PETA on numerous occasions to protect animals, including when he backed a ban on fur sales in his hometown of New York City.

The two companies—which were initially introduced to each other by PETA—will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each jacket to help further fund PETA’s animal liberation work.

36 Chambers Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket

If you know your kung fu flicks, you may recognize the stitched quote on the back of the hood from the 1976 cult classic film Master of the Flying Guillotine: “Our Heads No Longer Belong to Us.” The jacket’s interior features a colorful design resembling the flying guillotine—a legendary weapon featuring in countless kung fu movies.

RZA Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket

Modeled on a classic puffer jacket popularized by ’90s hip-hop culture, the Flying Guillotine looks like a throwback, even while it’s constructed with material from a compassionate new age. Instead of using cruelly obtained down feathers, the coat’s filling contains 100% recycled PET ocean waste.

The jacket is available internationally on the websites of both 36 Chambers and Embassy of Bricks and Logs. Its retail cost is $336 and €336, respectively.

Protect ya neck and save birds from a life of torment with this down-free jacket.

“As we evolve as a people through technology and ingenuity,” RZA said, “we have the ability through humane ways to fashion garments that not only serve our purpose but also more importantly abandon the unnecessary cruelty to animals.”

Likewise, Embassy of Bricks and Logs brings its high-quality approach to streetwear into the realm of ethical fashion. Each design is made as sustainable as possible, without compromising on quality.

36 Chambers Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket

The Flying Guillotine Puffer Jacket will certainly keep you warm wherever your journey may lead you—and it does so without killing animals or harming the planet. Down feathers used for fashion can come from live birds who are pinned down while workers yank fistfuls of feathers from their bodies. Often, these birds are plucked so violently that their delicate skin rips open. Workers then sew up the gaping wounds using a needle and thread, without any painkillers.

Goose and duck farms for down production generate massive amounts of manure and slaughter waste that can pollute surrounding ecosystems. These farms also intensively consume water and significantly contribute to greenhouse-gas emissions.

Meanwhile, vegan fabrics can have a significantly lower impact on the Earth. As 36 Chambers and Embassy of Bricks and Logs have shown, we can protect the environment without sacrificing style or functionality.

Bring the Ruckus to Companies That Still Use Down Feathers

Sure, birds don’t look like humans, but when it comes to feeling joy, cherishing life, and experiencing pain, all animals are just like us. If an industry profited from your torment and violent death, wouldn’t you want someone to speak up? Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

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