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Shopping can be overwhelming sometimes, so you may be inclined to get the job done at one of those one-stop palaces, also known as the mall. Did you know that PETA has its own mall? The PETA Mall features some of our favorite compassionate companies that are both cruelty-free and vegan.

We’ve picked out some great products for your convenience. Happy shopping!


This company doesn’t test on animals, and it offers many vegan products as well.


Festive Cheer Gift Set


Veganese Hair Conditioner

The Body Shop

This company’s products are 100 percent vegetarian (watch out for nonvegan ingredients) and are not tested on animals.

Body Shop Mist

Shea Body Mist

Loofah mitt Body Shop

Smooth and Renew Body Loofah Mitt

Paul Mitchell

Almost every product of this company is vegan, with a few exceptions.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Gloss Drops


Aveda is a cruelty-free company and offers many vegan options. You can find Aveda’s nonvegan products listed here.

dry remedymoisturizing masque

Aveda Beautifying Composition

Beautifying Composition Oil

Forever 21

Forever 21 carries a lot of faux leather and wool-free items. And its prices are unbeatable!

Faux Suede Moto Jacket

Faux Leather Houndstooth Gloves


This store also carries a lot of great faux-leather products and other affordable vegan clothing options.

Textured-Knit Sweater

        Shopper with Studs

With the following department stores, be sure to check tags to ensure products you purchase are animal-free, as these stores carry many brands.


Stella McCartney Alter Faux Nappa Leather Wristlet Clutch

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Eye Shadow Concentrate



Liz Claiborne Spa Robe

JcPenny Socks

Gold Toe Three-Pack Dress Socks



JOA Skirt—Laser Cut Faux Leather

Bloomies Earrings

PANDORA Earrings


This store joined the legions of companies that banned angora sales after PETA released an investigation of angora farms. For that, we applaud!

Billabong Kimono

Billabong Tame Heart Kimono

Temp Tattoos

LA Hearts Metallic Flower Henna Temporary Tattoo


This company also banned angora, and it carries many nice faux-leather items.

Express Jacket

(Minus the) Leather Quilted Sleeve Jacket


Woven Faux-Leather and Chain Belt

Leave These Naughty Brands Off Your Christmas List

These brands have “sold out” the animals by deciding to sell their products in China.

China still requires tests on animals for cosmetics, so any company that wants to sell there has to pay the government to test its products on animals in government laboratories. While PETA fights the good fight to end testing on animals everywhere, please don’t support these companies:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • H2O Plus
  • Stila Cosmetics
  • Boscia
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Organix

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