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This week, PETA and Make a Difference Everyday (M4D3), a new social-purpose footwear company whose collections raise funds and promote social change, launched the official sale of our vegan leather women’s espadrilles on and the PETA Catalog, proving that you can look and feel great while being kind to animals, people, and the planet. This limited-edition collection carries the message that innovative vegan materials are fun, chic, completely accessible, and the future of fashion, with the below fashion bloggers taking to social media platforms recently to prove just that!

Pony thinks these vegan espadrilles from @shoesbym4d3 and @peta are the 🐝’s knees 💕 (and I do too!)

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No animals were harmed in the making of this Instagram post 🐮 Vegan leather espadrilles by @peta x @shoesbym4d3 #veganleather   A photo posted by Katie Rose Arnold (@thestyleriot) on

These limited-edition PETA espadrilles are now available from the PETA Catalog and from with a portion of the proceeds from each purchase supporting PETA’s work!

“Creating cruelty-free footwear options that are just as stylish as they are kind to animals and the planet is a vision that M4D3 and PETA share, so I couldn’t be more pleased to offer a PETA espadrille collection,” says Steve Reynolds, M4D3’s president. “They are fun, stylish and well made, with a message that wearing vegan is always on-trend.”



We couldn’t agree more. Animal-friendly vegan fashion is on the rise as more people realize how kind, eco-friendly, and beautiful cruelty-free clothing and accessories can be. M4D3’s unique mix of style and social justice makes it the perfect enterprise to produce a special-edition PETA shoe, and the collection spares cows the painful mutilations they would undergo in the leather industry. The vegan shoes are also kinder to the environment, as leather tanneries use highly toxic mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and finishes that can pollute nearby water and soil and affect local residents’ health. One thing’s for certain: There’s never been a better time to help heal the world with our choice of dress.


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