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With method’s cruelty-free cleaning products, you can clean your house with a clear conscience. In 1999, two friends, Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, joined forces to create household cleaning products that are not only easy on animals and the environment but also designed to be pleasing to the eye. When the two founding fellows refer to themselves as the “people against dirty,” they aren’t just referring to the dirty dishes that you leave fermenting in the sink or the mud that your dog tracks in. To them, it means “the toxic chemicals that make up many household products, it means polluting our land with non-recyclable materials, it means testing products on innocent animals.”

In keeping with this philosophy, all method products are biodegradable, made from natural ingredients (such as soy, coconut oil, and palm oil), and packaged to be easily recyclable. Not only that, they’ll get your cleaning task done without harming you or your animal companions with toxic chemicals.

Everyone knows that chores can be a bore, but with their clean, modern packaging, affordable prices, and sweet smells, method products make an afternoon of cleaning as fresh and fun as possible. Products are available nationwide in all Target stores as well as in some regional stores.

The best way to let companies know that you don’t support products that are made with animal ingredients or tested on animals is to spend your money on products from companies, such as method, that take the cruelty out of cleaning products.

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