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Want to show your skin that you really care about it? Let Max Green help. As the self-proclaimed Pure Plant Origin™ personal-care company, Max Green Alchemy (MGA) is your cruelty-free connection for animal- and Earth-friendly products that are guaranteed to give your skin the TLC it craves.

What makes MGA so great? Unlike body-care and hair-care companies that claim to be “all natural” but use synthetic preservatives, Max Green keeps it real—using only 100 percent plant-based ingredients. That means that all its products are certified vegan and completely paraben-, petrochemical-, lanolin-, GMO-, and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate-free. Striving to stay as organic as possible, MGA also “avoid[s] ingredients believed to cause allergy, toxicity or that are suspected of being potentially harmful.”

From super-moisturizing skin rescue creams to age-defying face oils to hair care products bursting with botanical extracts and essential oils, MGA’s line of luxuriously rich products is available at many Whole Foods markets, health-food stores, specialty shops, salons, and spas as well as online.

Using PETA’s bunny logo to let consumers know that its products are completely animal-friendly, Dave Karlak, the compassionate company’s president, states, “We applaud PETA’s efforts to end unnecessary animal cruelty. Max Green Alchemy never has and never will test on animals or have third parties test on our behalf.”

In honor of Karlak’s compassion and his commitment to using only vegan ingredients and to never testing on animals, PETA is proud to present him with our Trail-Blazer Award.

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