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It’s one thing to get excited about a new vegan makeup line, but it’s a whole other experience when the products are adorned with fluorescent unicorns. That’s right: Glamour Dolls is adding some make-believe to makeup with a new collaborative cosmetics line. The cruelty-free, vegan brand has teamed up with graphic designer Lisa Frank for a whimsical makeup collection featuring the same out-of-this-world themes that adorned colorful Trapper Keepers and other school supplies in the ’90s.

Glamour Dolls and Lisa Frank have collaborated on an angled blush brush (see the great product post above), which is currently available for presale online. The team aims to release at least five more pieces in the near future, including lip balm, matte mousse, liquid liner, unicorn lippie, highlight powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag.

Did we mention that the entire line is cruelty-free and vegan? Oh, we did. Sorry, we’re just so excited.

If you’re too impatient to wait for this collaboration, check out these other compassionate Glamour Dolls products:

Eyeshadow: Single-palette eyeshadows are great to mix and match for different looks. This one’s available in five shades.

Glamour Dolls Bakery: Vegan doughnuts, anyone? Always. This lip gloss is just too cute for words.

Glitter Liner: Because you can never wear too much glitter, it’s available in five vibrant shades.

Lashlights Mascara: We ♥ affordable vegan mascara.

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