Fashion Retailers: Here’s Your Guide to Suppliers of Vegan Materials

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Consumers are choosing compassion today more than ever. They want to know that no animals were harmed to create the things they wear. Would you like to feature vegan materials? These suppliers can provide you with innovative vegan options.



Faux fur looks and feels just like animal fur and enables designers to choose the exact plushness, thickness, and hue that they desire. Just a few of today’s many wonderful examples can be found in the collections of Stella McCartney, Shrimps, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, all of which refuse to use fur.

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This company makes both traditional faux furs and innovative ones.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Peter Kim
+86 532 87293311, Ext. 106
[email protected]

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs, Inc.

This U.S.-based company is known for its stunning array of faux-fur outerwear, accessories, and home decor.
Composition: Varies
Donna Salyers, Owner
[email protected]


For 20 years, ECOPEL’s engineers have developed innovative solutions to improve the softness, warmth, and durability of faux fur.
Composition: 100% corn-based or recycled polymer
[email protected]

Fur Textiles

Partner with this specialist offering faux fur, flame-retardant fleece and jerseys, and plush polyester polar fleece for the fashion and protective clothing sector.
Composition: Varies
Edgar Lieven, Managing Director
[email protected]

Kunshan Insung Plush Co., Ltd.

This company has established itself as a true leader in the global faux-fur market. It prides itself on currently holding the largest market share in the industry.
Composition: Please inquire directly.
+86 512-57407855
[email protected]


Ramtex is a leading wholesale supplier of textiles and the go-to destination for individuals and companies alike seeking diversity, value, and quality.
Composition: 100% modacrylic
Paula Armstrong, Merchandising Coordinator
[email protected]


This company is a high-quality faux-fur retailer and wholesale supplier based in the U.K.
Composition: 100% modacrylic or 80% acrylic
and 20% polyester
+00 11 44 734914857
[email protected]


Calf and Mother Cow

Vegan leather is durable, breathable, and luxurious. Brave GentleMan, Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat, and NICORA use exclusively vegan leather.

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Adriano Di Marti S.A. de C.V. Cactus icon

This company produces Desserto—a highly sustainable, plant-based vegan leather made from cactus. This material is distinguished by its great softness, excellent performance for a wide variety of uses, and compliance with the most rigorous quality and environmental standards.
Composition: Cactus bio compound
Adrián López Velarde, Cofounder
+52 33 2833 6696
[email protected]

Ananas Anam Pineapple icon

This company produces Piñatex, made of fiber from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant. These leaves are a byproduct of existing pineapple harvests, so obtaining the raw material requires no additional environmental resources.
Composition: Waste pineapple leaf fibers
+44 02 072579371 or +34 93 7998506
[email protected]

Apple Leather Apple icon

Apple leather is a bio-based material made of leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote industry. It’s an innovative and environmentally friendly substitute for animal leather.
Composition: Apple fiber
Erdem Dogan, Director
+90 (0) 212 706 06 63
[email protected]

Apple Nine Alliance Apple icon

This company produces Apple Peel Skin, an innovative and highly sustainable hybrid material made in Italy using organic apple peels.
Composition: Apple leather
[email protected]

Autron Industry Co. Ltd Apple icon

When it comes to resources, handbag manufacturer Autron puts the planet’s limited materials to good use and reuse. Some of the most innovative thinking at the company goes toward producing fashion with recycled and renewable materials, making sure those products last as long as possible, and even recovering everything from its suppliers to bring the materials to new production.
Composition: Recycled/organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, plant-based vegan leather (apple/bamboo/coffee grounds), FSC cellulose brown paper, raffia, and more
Austin Chan, Managing Director
+86 13202250363
[email protected]

Banofi Leather Banana icon

Banofi Leather is made from upcycled banana crop waste. This material is vegan and sustainable, and its production uses significantly less water and results in less carbon emissions in comparison with animal leather.
Composition: Banana crop waste
Sonam Gupta, Head Client Relations
[email protected]


Close up of faux leather product

BeWave seeks innovative solutions in order to create sustainable vegan leathers and fabrics made from recycled industrial waste or vegan food waste. Among its most creative materials are its trendy Maïs Suede Fuzz and Volcano Powder fabric suitable for different types of apparel.
Composition: Industrial and vegan food waste
Cyrine Tlili, Cofounder and Business Development Specialist
+86 186 1405 1757
[email protected]

Biophilica Leaf icon

Biophilica’s first product is Treekind, a non-plastic leather alternative that’s free of polyurethane. It’s made of lignocellulosic feedstock from urban parks and gardens and inedible agricultural feedstock. It is compostable and nontoxic.
Composition: Leaf leather
[email protected]


Compo-SiL is an innovative patented technology invented by General Silicones, a breakthrough in solving the surface inertia of silicone with other substrates. The modified layer on silicone surface enables further processing, including printing, laminating, and foaming. Compo-SiL can be widely applied in textile, automotive, and anti-slip products as well as other areas.
Composition: Silicone
Joyce Cheng, Marketing
+886 3-5372181 (ext. 842)
[email protected]

Continental Surface Solutions

Car interior showcasing faux leather seat covers

Part of the Continental Group, Surface Solutions specializes in surface materials and technology. With more than 300 years of experience, it works to develop and manufacture decorative and technical surfaces for automotive customers worldwide. Thinking ahead and striving for the best sustainable solutions drive this organization forward. Its innovative high-performance materials for vehicle interiors offer exceptional comfort and a soft, luxurious feel while standing up to heat, UV rays, and the test of time.
Composition: Polyurethane with recycled textile backing
+49 511 6302-0
[email protected]

Ecovative Design Mushroom icon

Ecovative Design has created two distinct mycelium technologies. Its MycoComposite platform combines mycelium with leftover plant fibers from agriculture to produce durable, biodegradable, 100% vegan materials. AirMycelium is its next-generation technology, producing large sheets of pure mycelium in vertical farms for a range of applications, including textiles, foams, and even food.
Composition: 100% pure mycelium structure
Andy Bass, Director of Marketing
[email protected]

Fiquetex Leaf icon

Fiquetex produces 100% sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable nonwoven textiles that are 100% animal-free and plastic-free.
Compostition: Fique plant
Alejandro Moreno, Director
+57 318 43 34 678
[email protected]

Foremost Group/NUPELLE Pineapple icon

Of premium quality and stylishly designed, NUPELLE is the next-generation sustainable alternative to leather. The company is a dedicated developer of innovative, eco-friendly materials, with a line of flagship vegan leather products made from sustainably sourced agricultural waste and upcycled ingredients. There are four main lines of NUPELLE vegan leathers: PANEX, Recotec, TRNEX, and Coflex.
Composition: Waste pineapple leaf fibers, recycled PVB, eco-friendly PU, silicone, microfiber composed of recycled nylon or recycled PET
Mei Lee, Product Manager
[email protected]

Fruitleather Rotterdam Mango icon

Fruitleather Rotterdam converts leftover fruit into leather-like material, bringing an eco- and animal-friendly product to the market.
Composition: Fruit leather
Hugo de Boon
+31 (0) 647651019
[email protected]


This Italian company produces vegan leather and specializes in fashion, sports, and technical products.
Composition: Polyurethane (PU) and microfiber
Laurence Balestrini, International Sales Manager
+39 0381 21424
[email protected]

Grado Zero Innovation

Grado Zero Innovation takes into account the product life cycle and reuse of materials for a more sustainable world. It applies eco design, design for reuse, life cycle assessment, and eco-efficiency.
Composition: Stinging nettle yarn and banana paper
Giada Dammacco, Lead Product Designer
+39 0571 80368
[email protected]

ITA Francia Textile Development (HK) Limited Pineapple icon

This company offers vegan leather made of fiber from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant and biodegradable water PU. It creatively spins the pineapple leaf fiber into very fine yarn.
Composition: Pineapple leaf fabric (57%) and water PU (43%)
Michael Kwan, CEO
+86 135 3438 0958
[email protected]


This U.S.-based company developed its own exclusive formulations, including EnviroLeather, and its rigorous testing ensures superior performance.
Composition: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Gary Roussell, Vice President of Sales
[email protected]


A yellow faux leather handbag with a LEA tag

It feels like leather without plucking a feather. LEA. can be used in a wide variety of items, such as watch straps, the latest handbags, comfortable sneakers, or even upholstery for comfy designer furniture.
Composition: 75% medical silicone and 25% RPES
Laura, Material Steward
[email protected]


Lorenzi strongly advocates the production of only long-lasting products, as a form of environmental respect. The most outstanding brand of the company is Lyliane Suede, a chamois-looking microfiber. It looks refined and is a highly technical
product suitable for various applications. Lorenzi is a leading manufacturer of PU-coated items, even bio-based ones, with a technical appearance. All items can be supplied with GRS certification, with a composition of 50% recycled nylon or recycled PET.
Composition: Polyurethane (PU) and nylon microfibers (“Exotic-skin” finishes are available.)
+39 049 8936665
[email protected]

Malai Coconut icon

This is a newly developed material made from entirely organic and sustainable bacterial cellulose, grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India.
Composition: Coconut
Zuzana Gombosova, Cofounder
[email protected]


Produced in Italy, Miko’s Dinamica is an eco-suede.
Composition: Polyester fibers and PET
Benedetta Terraneo, Marketing and Design Manager
+39 0481 523232
[email protected]
[email protected]

MycoNova Mushroom icon

Photo of a black vegan handbag

All variations of MycaNova contain exclusive mycelium powder, a 100% animal-free, upcycled, and bio-based material with the highest possible concentration. All MycaNova variants meet the industry standards of the items for which they’re designed, such as shoe uppers, vegan leather goods, luxury packaging, and furniture as well as for other applications.

Composition: Mycelium
Sylvia Gilis, General Manager
[email protected]

Mycel Mushroom icon

Photo of Myco leather from Mycel

Mycel specializes in sustainable materials, particularly mycelium leather sheets derived from the root structure of fungi. The company aims to provide environmentally friendly materials through microbial cultivation. Mycel’s mission is to create complete sustainable cycles, recycling industrial waste into a new resource.
Composition: Mycelium
Jinna Jaeyun Koh, Head of Business
+ 82-10-8920-5925
[email protected]

MycoWorks Mushroom icon

MycoWorks is a biotechnology company founded by artists. Its mission is to create a platform for the highest quality materials using Fine Mycelium.
Composition: Mycelium
[email protected]

NAT Leathers

NAT Leathers has an extensive range of vegan leathers that are sold by the yard.
Composition: Polyurethane (PU)
Nick Kamali, Owner
[email protected]

Nova Kaeru Leaf icon

Nova Kaeru’s beLEAF is a vegan and 100% deforestation-free product, with characteristics similar to raw animal materials. It’s one of the most innovative and eco-friendly materials ever created.
Composition: Leather made from leaves
Marcos Vinicius Pohlmann, Supply Chain Manager
+ 55 21 8005 2759
[email protected]

NUO Tree icon

NUO, a thin veneer wood, is made flexible by sanding, backing a textile, and finally laser-cutting the veneer surface. The company recently added NovaFlex NUO, a flexible, breathable material made of wood and microfiber with a soft-touch surface, offering a captivating, high-quality velvety feel and supple versatility.
Composition: Wood
Adriano Pistolo, Business Development and Sales
[email protected]
[email protected]

Oleago Olive icon

Oleago uses waste material from the olive industry to produce Oleatex, the only olive-based next-gen material in the world. Oleatex is a 100% vegan and sustainable plant-based next-gen material produced from biowaste obtained mainly from the olive industry. The fields of application are very wide and include fashion, shoes, accessories, and automotive items.
Composition: Biowaste from the olive industry
Eşref Hilmi Açik, Cofounder
+90 542 622 8175
[email protected]

Panama Trimmings SRL Corn icon

Viridis was born of Panama Trimmings’ desire to innovate with new materials for a greener future. It’s made from corn, wheat, and viscose and reaches 69% bio content, as certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Composition: Corn fiber
Giulia Pinato, Marketing
+39 049 97 12 511
[email protected]

PEEL Lab Pineapple icon

Brown faux leather tag from PEEL labs

This business-to-business greentech company manufactures plant-based leather from pineapple leaves.
Composition: Pineapple fiber
Alyssa Yamashita, Head of Tokyo
+ 81 70 4282 7839
[email protected]


White faux leather

This U.S.-based company offers a silicone leather that’s eco-friendly, durable, flame-resistant, waterproof, and high-performing.
Composition: 100% silicone, polyester
Huashan Zhong, Regional Manager
+33 689 82 96 87
[email protected]

Sommers Plastic Products

Sommers Plastic Products earned PETA’s Compassionate Business Award for being a kind business that manufacturers only vegan products. This U.S.-based company also holds our “PETA-Approved Vegan” certification.
Composition: Varies
[email protected]

SQIM Mushroom icon

SQIM develops advanced mycelium-based technologies, feeding its two business lines and brands, EPHEA and MOGU. EPHEA is an entirely new class of flexible mycelium materials dedicated to fashion, automotive, interior, and other uses and sets unprecedented quality standards, thanks to the values, functionalities, and other opportunities provided by mycelium-based biofabrication. MOGU delivers highly innovative, natural, mycelium-based, biofabricated products for everyday life, including acoustic and decorative panels for walls and ceilings as well as flooring solutions for applications in interior architecture and the larger building market.
Composition of EPHEA: 100% mycelium
Composition of MOGU: Mycelium composites—fungal biomass and low-value organic residues from other value chains (e.g., agro-industry, manufacturing industry, etc.)
[email protected]

THE LAB 808 Leaf icon

THE LAB 808 designs various types of certified eco-friendly materials, including vegan leather and fabric.
Composition: Recycled tea grounds, polyurethane, TPO
Shuling Hsu, Director of PM
+88 69 72012986
[email protected]

The Mitchell Group

The Mitchell Group was established in 2004 and is a major supplier of vegan leather to upholstery markets around the world. The company’s products include polyurethane, PVC, and silicone vegan leathers used in furniture upholstery, marine upholstery, handbags, and other consumer goods.
Composition: PVC, polyurethane, silicone
Jim Blesius, Director of Marketing
[email protected]


This company produces microfiber and high-end vegan suede, including Alcantara and Ultrasuede, for use in the fashion, decorating, and automotive
industries, providing both durability and quality.
Composition: Ranges from approximately 80% polyester and 20% nonfibrous polyurethane (PU) to 65% polyester and 35% PU
Robert Steir, Marketing and Sales Manager
[email protected]


Based on state-of-the-art Japanese engineering, Ultrafabrics designs intelligent, next-generation materials that combine high-performing functionality and comfort in an array of design styles that speak to the senses. Focused on unlimited creativity, lasting durability, and greener solutions, Ultrafabrics is always innovating and evolving—with people and the planet in mind.
Composition: Polyurethane with rayon or polyester/rayon textile backings
Nicole Meier, Director of Branding
[email protected]

Vegan Lthr

Vegan Lthr is a New York–based supplier of vegan leather for the hospitality, footwear, garment, and handbag industries. The company stocks PU leather in a wide range of colors and a soft, lightweight 0.9 mm thickness. Vegan Lthr produces many different finishes, such as nubuck, distressed, pebbled, and nappa. This material has a very high wear rating that will pass over 100,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek method ASTM D4157) and is extremely abrasion resistant.
Composition: Polyurethane (PU) on cotton
Nick Kamali, Vice President
[email protected]

VEGEA Grape Icon

This company develops plant-based alternatives to fully synthetic oil-derived materials for the fashion, furniture, packaging, and automotive/transportation industries.
Composition: Grape waste from winemaking, vegetal oils, and natural agricultural fibers
[email protected]

Villani Leonello

This company specializes in cork and other natural fibers used for footwear, handbags, and more.
Composition: Cork
+39 05715 78121
[email protected]

WASTEA Leaf icon

WASTEA is an innovative new material by Stitch & Trim made from tea waste. The raw material is 100% from waste collection and the last point in its chain. Tea waste is completely natural and biodegradable.
Composition: Tea waste from tea production, bio-based PU, natural, recycled, or technical fabrics (or a mix of fabric composition)
Erdem Dogan, Director
+49 172 529 3501
[email protected]

Willow Tex, LLC

This U.S.-based manufacturer of Izit Leather uses plant-based Ecocel technology to produce vegan leather with 75% bio/recycled content.
Composition: Bio-based PU with 100% recycled fiber backing
Tanya Taylor, Sales Manager
[email protected]


Champa the goose swimming in a lake

Down alternatives are allergen-free, machine-washable and -dryable, bacteria- and odor-resistant, and quick-drying, and they retain their insulating capabilities in all weather. We highly recommend Thermore, PrimaLoft, and Thinsulate as well as the new generation of generic/ unbranded polyester fills and other natural materials.

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3M’s Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation made up of unique fibers that work by trapping air molecules. The more air a material traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates.
Composition: 100% polyester
[email protected]

37.5 Technology/Cocona Inc. Coconut icon

Cocona produces insulation made of activated carbon derived from coconut husks.
Composition: Coconut husks
[email protected]

Aspen Aerogels, Inc.

Referred to as “frozen smoke” because it’s so lightweight, Aspen Aerogels insulation was developed in a lab 80 years ago and then reintroduced in 2007 when NASA figured out how to use it to keep instruments warm on a Mars rover.
It’s used in running shoes, sleeping pads, snow pants, and spacesuits, and it’s extremely effective as an insulator because the holes in it are only 1/10,000th the diameter of a human hair, blocking almost all airflow.
Composition: Thin sheets of silica packaged in polyester pouches that retain the structure
Brian Cahill, Strategic Marketing Director
[email protected]


Made in the U.S. by Harvest Consumer Insulation’s engineers, who have more than 70 combined years of experience in manufacturing, fiber technology, and insulation product design, Climashield’s insulation serves the military, outdoor recreation, and hospitality markets.
Composition: 100% polyester
Christi Hardin, Director of Marketing
[email protected]


DuPont’s Sorona is a bio-based fiber that’s lightweight, breathable, warm, quick-drying, and resilient.
Composition: Bio-based Sustans fiber, including 37% renewable plant-based ingredients

Eco Supreme Corn icon

Eco Supreme creates fully biodegradable bioplastics out of renewable materials such as corn and cassava, instead of using petroleum.
Composition: Polylactic acid (PLA)
Dan Reichman, Vice President
[email protected]


FLOCUS uses kapok, a 100% natural seed fiber. FLOCUS is insulating, lightweight, water-repellent, and hypoallergenic.
Composition: Kapok
Sara Cicognani, Founder
+39 392-536-3777

Grado Zero Espace Srl

This Italian-based company creates many vegan textiles, including VeganTech Insulation, a natural insulation composed of flowers, biopolymers, and Aerogel.
Composition: Stinging nettle yarn and banana paper
Giada Dammacco, Lead Product Designer
+39 0571-80368
[email protected]


Impla is created from polylactic acid (PLA), a nontoxic, sustainable alternative to petroleum-derived products that’s derived from plants such as corn, beets, and sugarcane. PLA pellets and fibers are natural and biodegradable.
Composition: PLA
Bernt Ullmann
[email protected]


This company’s signature NuTech inflation technology uses an in-pocket pump to force air into chambers.
Composition: Air
[email protected]


PrimaLoft is a brand of patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material that was developed for the U.S. military in the 1980s, and all branches of the military recognize it as the premier insulator.
Composition: 100% polyester
Ken Fisk, Global Senior Communications Manager
[email protected]


Thermolite provides warmth and comfort without weight, as it’s composed of hollow-core fibers that trap air for greater insulation, providing heavy-duty performance.
Composition: 100% polyester


This company pioneered the use of recycled fibers in the early ’80s and mastered it thereafter. Thermore is now almost completely sustainable, as it offers a wide range of recycled rolled goods and free fibers options.
Composition: Polyester fibers recycled from PET bottles
Joe DiGirolamo, Sales for North America
[email protected]


a silkworm on a branch

Luxurious, cruelty-free silk includes fabrics made of nylon, polyester, Tencel, milkweed seedpod fibers, silk-cotton tree filaments, and rayon.

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Made of fibers with an almost perfectly round cross-section, Bemberg yarn has a smooth surface. This means it irritates the skin less than other materials and is unlikely to harm delicate skin.
Composition: Cotton linter

Shahlon Silk Industries

India’s second-largest synthetic fabric manufacturer has more than 30 years of industry exposure and textile manufacturing experience.
Composition: 100% polyester
Dhruv A. Shah, Marketing Executive
+91 261 2635551/52
+91 90991 77744 (cell)
[email protected]

Vegan Textile & Innovations

Vegan Textile & Innovations is dedicated to manufacturing silk-like luxury textiles from plants or agricultural waste, including bananas, regenerated cotton, eucalyptus, and lotus. The vegan fabrics in its first range are made of organic cotton, regenerated cotton, wood pulp, hemp, and linen.
Composition: Bemberg and Tencel
Chandra Prakash Jha, CEO
+49 178-208-6690
[email protected]


Happy Sheep in Green Grass

The companies on this list are aware of the demand for vegan wool and are open to being creative and developing materials to fit your needs. The most common fibers that they use are acrylic, bamboo, cotton, hemp, linen, modal, nylon, polyester (e.g., PBT and others), rayon, spandex/elastin, Tencel, and viscose. Note: When you contact these companies, please explain that you’re looking for non-animal fibers.

Check out a stylish options here: VAUTE (vegan wool and felt) and Brave GentleMan (vegan wool suits and jackets for men).

Vegan Wool

Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş.

Aksa supplies raw materials for the textile market, including for home textiles, outdoor applications, apparel, automotive applications, and protective clothing.
Composition: Acrylic fiber
+90 226 353 25 45
[email protected]

E.Miroglio SRL

This company owns several brands, including EM Filati, Raumer, and Svilosa Yarn. It produces vegan yarn for classic and fancy knitwear.
Composition: 100% cotton OCS, viscose rayon FSC, linen, GRS recycled polyester
Enzo Gravela, Sales Manager
+39 0445 595 777
[email protected]
[email protected]


This company, which focuses on respecting the environment, produces sustainable fabrics with organic, biological, recycled, and OEKO-TEX certified fibers.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Elisa Paoli, General Manager
+39 0574 798343
[email protected]


This vegan wool fabric is made of a blend of calotropis (milkweed plant) and cotton. It uses less water and pesticides than similar fibers and is 100% biodegradable. It’s technically considered a wool alternative, but it’s so soft that it has also been considered a cashmere alternative, too.
Composition: Calotropis and cotton
+91 9790 7777 40
[email protected]

Jiangsu GTIG Huatai Co., Ltd. (JSGTHT)

This company produces all kinds of interwoven, elastic, coated, and polyester peach skin fabric.
Composition: Peach skins
Amanda Tang
+86 139 1569 8460
[email protected]

Shartex International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shartex pays attention to product quality as well as environmental protection, industry development, employee care, and public welfare.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Diana Wang, Sales Manager
+86 21 6163 6132
[email protected]


This company is willing to create new vegan wool blends.
Composition: Cotton, recycled polyester fiber, and viscose
Betty Sun, Distribution Manager
+86 574 8752 2175
+86 158 5740 5382
[email protected]

Woven Materials

These companies can provide materials for jackets, suits, and pants as well as alternatives to fleece.


AWDis is a provider of quality garments to the printwear and promotion markets.
Composition: Cotton, organic cotton, regenerated cotton, polyester, recycled polyester, EcoViscose
Kyle Morrison and Tiff Hodge
+44 01506 437 106
[email protected]


Berroco was started in the 1800s and continues to provide quality textiles by adapting to the changing needs of the times.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
[email protected]

E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

This Switzerland-based supplier specializes in the dyeing and printing of knitted and woven fabrics. Some of its product styles include intimate apparel, bed linen, and workwear.
Composition: Cotton, lyocell, modal, nylon
Céline Haab, Product Development
+41 44 954 82 29
[email protected]


This company’s products are made from plastic bottles and recycled cotton.
Composition: Plastic and cotton
+55 11 3082 0201
+55 11 3064 0508
[email protected]


Linen is a luxurious, eco-friendly fiber that comes from the flax plant. These yarns and threads can be used for a whole range of crafts.
Composition: Linen
+44 19 8340 0008


Outdoor patio sofa with tan pillows

This Portuguese company sells elegant, high quality, sustainable fabrics, such as its Malibu fabric—an outdoor option, perfect for the summer.
Composition: 93% recycled yarn, 7% polyester (Other fabrics, indoor and outdoor, are also available.)
Paulo Viveiros
+351 227 624 043
[email protected]

GEO/ Zhejiang Jinyonglai Trading Co., Ltd.

This pioneering enterprise develops and sells textile fabrics.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Matt Wu
+86 180 6958 9955
[email protected]


This company has been printing and embroidering textiles since 1987. It offers textile finishing for clubs, the sports trade, industry and advertising agencies, and fashion and streetwear labels.
Composition: Cotton, ink
Sebastian Borst
+49 69 331474
[email protected]


This company designs and produces fabrics made from recycled polyamide and polyester. Its aim is to extend products’ life cycles, reducing waste and minimizing the use of resources.
Composition: Recycled polyamide and polyester
Filippo Nettuno, Export Area Manager
+39 031 905 138
+39 335 813 1184
[email protected]

James C. Brett

This company manufactures yarns for hand knitting.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
+44 1274 565959
[email protected]


ReNeTex works to solve the economic challenges of recycling plants.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
+86 158 5820 7861
[email protected]

Rossi Lorenzo e Figli Srl

This company’s innovative, high-quality fabrics—the result of continuous research and creativity—are for high fashion as well as contemporary clothing, leisurewear, sportswear, and outerwear for both men and women.
Composition: Cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, and polyamide
Elena Cazzaniga, Commercial Director/Manager
+39 039 205 941
[email protected]


This Dutch manufacturer carries many different types of yarns made of alternative materials to wool.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
[email protected]


Snowtex is committed to decreasing the environmental impact of textiles in order to help create a healthier world.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Angela Bao
+86 21 3424 4095
[email protected]


Uğurteks offers recycled polyester yarn made out of both post-consumer and post-industrial waste.
Composition: Polyester, viscose, cotton, linen, Tencel, and blends
Guven Görgülü
+90 212 507 5050
[email protected]


Unifi is a one-stop textile solutions shop. It’s known for making high-quality recycled and performance fibers that are available globally.
Composition: Various recyclables (please inquire directly)
Chad Bolick, Vice President of Brand Sales
[email protected]

Universal Yarn

This U.S.-based manufacturer offers yarn and patterns with extended sizing wherever possible. The patterns are made for a variety of skill levels and techniques.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directlly.)
[email protected]

Vegan Yarn

This Canada-based completely vegan supplier of yarn offers “awesome colors, high quality base yarn in a variety of cruelty-free, and sustainable fibres.”
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Heidi Hizsa, Founder
[email protected]

Vinni’s Colours

Based in South Africa, this manufacturer offers vegan yarns made of cotton and bamboo.
Composition: Cotton and bamboo
Vinni Nielsen, Founder
+27 (0)21 979 1629
[email protected]

Weaving Vibes

Close up of white hemp sheets

This India-based company provides a high level of quality at every stage, from procurement of raw materials to weaving of the fabric to dispatch. Its aim is to create a line of natural, plant-based, ecofriendly, sustainable, and biodegradable range of fabrics and weaves that are strong and long-lasting.
Composition: Hemp
Shripat Jagirdar, Chief Innovator and Founder
+91 96531 02289
[email protected]

Wool and the Gang

It offers two types of vegan yarns: Billie Jean Yarn and Tina Tape Yarn.
Composition: Tencel and cotton
+44 (0) 207 241 6420
[email protected]

Vegan Cashmere

High-performing vegan cashmere fabrics are the perfect combination of softness and warmth.

Balavigna Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 1995, this company has spent decades manufacturing textiles to suit ever-changing fashion trends.
Composition: Cotton and blended materials
Mohanram Prabhu, Executive Director
+91 93609 78572
[email protected]

Ningbo Jinxing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

This factory has produced various textiles from raw materials since 1996.
Composition: Nylon
[email protected]

smartfiber AG

This company is the developer of SeaCell, a fiber made from a type of brown algae found in the Icelandic fjords called Ascophyllum nodossum, also known as “knotted wrack.”
Composition: Seaweed fabric
[email protected]

Sri Balavigna

For close to two decades, Balavigna Weaving Mills has woven excellent fabrics using organic cotton and blended materials.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
M. Prabu, Executive Director
+91 9360978572
[email protected]


Established in 1995 and with over 40 years of industry experience, Swicofil offers high-tech solutions for yarn and other fibers.
Composition: Soybean-protein fiber
+41 41 267 34 64
[email protected]

Wild Fibres

Based in the U.K., this company offers a wide variety of plant-based fibers, including cotton, kapok, jute, flax, ramie, sisal, and hemp.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
+44 (0)7979 770865
[email protected]

Specific Fibers

The following companies specialize in performance fabrics using specific fibers. They are open to working with companies to develop materials to fit their specifications.

Argentum Textil

Argentumtextil’s Eco Thermal is the result of the company’s more than 50 years in the textile industry and experience with weaving, knitting, spinning, and dyeing.
Composition: Thermolite (Polyester), Tencel, Carbon Bamboo
Jorge Plata, CEO and Cofounder
+52 222 6189990
[email protected]

Arvin Goods

Arvin Goods employs a manufacturing process that’s as efficient as it is responsible. Recycled and/or discarded apparel scraps are used to create the “softest and comfiest” socks around.
Composition: Recycled cotton, recycled polyester, hemp biofiber, recycled nylon, organic cotton, modal
Harry Fricker, Cofounder/Creative Director
[email protected]
[email protected]

Eco Supreme

Eco Supreme is a high-tech enterprise dedicated exclusively to the production of sustainable, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable consumer products derived from renewable inputs such as corn.
Composition: Corn fiber
[email protected]

Everest Textile Co., Ltd.

This company aims to improve innovation and sustainability for the benefit of society and the environment.
Composition: 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
886-6-5782561, ext. 9
[email protected]


Products containing FLOCUS(TM)kapok are naturally comfortable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, breathable and soft to the touch—without any additives.
Composition: Kapok
Sara Cicognani, Founder
+39 392-536-3777

Hemp Traders

This company’s hemp products can be knit, woven, and blended with other fibers.
Composition: Hemp
Lawrence Serbin, President and Owner
[email protected]

Lenzing Tree icon

This company, based in Austria, makes fibers from natural wood derived from renewable sources and processed using unique resource-conserving technology.
Composition: Wood fiber
+43 (0) 7672 701-0
[email protected]


NatureWorks uses cutting-edge technology to turn greenhouse gases into a polylactic acid performance material called Ingeo.
Composition: Bioplastic
Steve Davies, Vice President of Performance Packaging
[email protected] A/S

A group of people wearing shirts in light pastels

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Neutral is a market-leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B market. Its manufacturing takes place in India.
Composition: Organic fair-trade cotton, recycled polyester
Patricia Bech, Sustainability Manager
+45 3918 1856
[email protected]

Polylana by The Movement

Polylana fiber is an innovative low-impact fiber with the same look, feel, and loft as acrylic or wool. It is traceable from fiber to final product and can be used in three different applications: knitted products, woven products, and faux fur.
Composition: 50% rPET, 50% modified polymer
Tatiana Ponce, Brand Director
[email protected]

Roopa Knitting Mills Ltd.

This company makes high-quality custom knit and dyed fabrics. From sportswear and safety to fashion and function, it has all of your needs covered.
Composition: cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton, polyester, recycled polyester, bamboo viscose, hemp, Tencel, Modal, nylon
Amit Thakkar, CEO
[email protected]

Singtex Coffee bean icon

Made from plastic bottles and coffee grounds, Singtex’s S.Café yarn is high-tech, environmentally friendly, deodorizing, quick-drying, and UV-resistant, with a variety of applications.
Composition: Recycled coffee grounds
[email protected]

Sinterama Group

Sinterama Group’s NewLife is a hollow-core yarn made from upcycled bottles.
Composition: Upcycled bottles
Giusy Bettoni
[email protected]


This company is a leading supplier of bamboo fiber, having produced it for more than eight years.
Composition: Bamboo fiber
[email protected]
[email protected]


Verde combines creativity and sustainability for an exceptional crafting experience. Its knitting and crochet kits feature eco-friendly, plant-based
yarns sourced from manufacturers committed to environmental and social responsibility. With a unique range of patterns, Verde inspires mindful
creativity while promoting a positive impact on the planet.
Composition: Certified organic cotton, recycled materials
Emma Wood, Founder
+44 (0)20 3856 3506
[email protected]

Vegan Knit/Fleece

The following companies specialize in developing performance fabrics and innovative textiles. All of them are open to working with businesses to develop materials that fit their specifications.

Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (HFI)

This Taiwan-based company supplies a wide range of sportswear and outdoor-textile solutions, specializing in technical, functional, and sustainable fabrics.
Composition: Varies (Please inquire directly.)
Doug Ross, Vice President of HFI North America
[email protected]


Think of Unifi as a one-stop textile-solutions shop. It’s known for making high-quality and recycled performance fibers available globally.
Composition: Various recyclables (Please inquire directly.)
Chad Bolick, Vice President of Brand Sales
[email protected]


High-quality vegan felt can cushion and retain its structure under pressure, and it’s an ideal material for crafters seeking a thick felt.

Aetna Felt

Since 1934, Aetna Felt has been a leading manufacturer and fabricator of industrial and consumer felt products. Its Eco-fi felt is a high-quality, plant-based alternative to traditional felt.
Composition: 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
[email protected]

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Screencap of the front page of PETA's 2024 Guide to Vegan Suppliers and Manufacturers


With all these options, there’s no reason to sell animal-derived materials. If you’d like your company to use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo, check out our informational page:


If your company wants to make sure a supplier or manufacturer is holding true to vegan standards, this laboratory is a good option to test your product:

Centro Controllo Tessile – Vismederi Textyle


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