Fall in Love With ASOS, Express, Forever 21, and More This Season

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The days of crop tops and jumpsuits are fading on the horizon as we enter arguably the year’s most exciting season for fashion—fearless fall! With the endless layering possibilities and chunky sweater varieties, not to mention oversized turtlenecks making a comeback (gasp!), the next few months are looking interesting. Best of all? Our favorite brands have joined the fight to make vegan fashion a permanent drool-worthy trend and completely accessible to the masses. Check out the below list of kind companies that have banned angora wool since PETA released undercover footage taken at farms in China where rabbits repeatedly had fistfuls of fur ripped from their sensitive bodies. Be sure to shop their collections this season, keep encouraging them to lead the charge by finding alternatives to sheep’s wool as well, and let all your girls know that we don’t have to sacrifice style, quality, or general fabulousness in order to be kind to animals!

First things first: ASOS‘ chic knits have us daydreaming of the loftiest and most colorful leaf piles in the land. In a spectacular victory for animals, ASOS, a mega-retailer carrying more than 850 brands, decided to eliminate all angora wool products from its stores, thanks to continued pressure from PETA members and supporters worldwide. Because of the company’s compassionate choice, countless lives will be saved.

Asos Sweater

Ultimate Chunky Cardigan (material used: acrylic)

Asos Sweater

Sweater With High Neck in Fine Knit (materials used: viscose, cotton, nylon)

Calvin Klein has a special place in our hearts as one of the first companies to ban any products made from angora from its shelves. Our admiration only grows with every wonderful animal-friendly sweater that the company adds to its collection. Fly away with its classic throw-over shrugs this fall.

Calvin Klein Sweater

Open Front Flyaway Sweater (materials used: linen, viscose)

Calvin Klein Black Sequin Sweater

Sequin Front Shrug (material used: acrylic)

It’s all about classic stitching and button-downs at angora-free Tommy Hilfiger this season. These mixed-knit cardigans are casual enough to throw on top of a simple pair of jeans that’ll elevate any look to realms of effortless cool.

Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan Sweater

Mixed Knit Cardigan (material used: cotton)

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Cardigan Sweater

French Knot Cardigan (material used: cotton)

We couldn’t be happier that Lucky Brand was quick to ban angora-blend sweaters, for our rabbit friends, of course, but also because—let’s face it—we love Lucky sweaters! Now it’s safe to say that our admiration is so much more than skin deep.

Lucky Brand Gold Knit Sweater

Ivy Mixed Stitch (material used: cotton)

Lucky Brand Black Sweater

Stella Duster Cardi (materials used: cotton, nylon)

Make a super-casual statement this season with angora-free PacSun. The super-soft knit construction and slightly slouchy, oversized fit for both featured sweaters make them a perfect top for your favorite dress or denim. (Remember that turtleneck trend we talked about? It’s serious, and we need it.)

PacSun Sweater

Good Luck Charm Knit Sweater (material used: acrylic)

PacSun Striped Sweater

3/4 Sleeve Striped Cardigan (material used: cotton)

Think Abercrombie & Fitch, and “California Cool” comes to mind. And this cool factor is only amplified this season, with the company touting the best in vintage-inspired prints and embellishments that are just so much fun to wear. Add “rabbit-friendly” to that description, and we have some shopping to do.

Abercrombie & Fitch Sweater

Bella Sweater (materials used: cotton, acrylic)

Abercrombie & Fitch Crop Floral Sweater

Monica Cropped Sweater (materials used: cotton, acrylic)

If anyone knows style, it’s Mango. This company gained our trust by agreeing to ban angora for good earlier this year—not to mention its magical ability to put plain white clothing at the top of our shopping list (the term white hot has never been more apt!).

Mango White Sweater

Textured Cropped Sweatshirt (materials used: polyester, cotton, viscose, polyamide, elastane)

Mango White Sweater

Turtle Neck Sweater (materials used: cotton, acrylic)

Express knows sparkle and mesh,and everyone knows a girl needs that extra dazzle from time to time. Adda sporty vibe to your sexy night style on the next girls’ night with these shiny, sequiny numbers and then watch heads turn!

Express Sweater

Rhinestud Embellished Open Mesh Sweater (material used: rayon)

Express sequin Sweater

Sequin Front Dolman Sleeve Sweater (materials used: rayon, nylon, Lycra, spandex)

Lands’ End did us proud this February when the company announced that it would no longer carry angora fur because of PETA’s video footage of the abused rabbits. Its cotton and acrylic pieces are way soft and warm without rabbit fur, anyway, with great stitch definition that’ll have you loving these classic sweaters into next year and for many years after that.

Lands' End

3/4-Sleeve Lofty Blend Cable Marl Pullover Sweater (materials used: cotton, acrylic)

Lands' End Striped Sweater

3/4-Sleeve Supima Texture Stripe Crew Sweater (material used: cotton)

We may have saved this girl’s personal favorite for last. Get adventurous with Forever 21 in the best of chunky cowl necks and wool-free capes that’ll turn you into an instant fashionista without compromising your compassion for animals.

Forever 21 Cowl Neck Sweater

Cowl Neck Sweater (materials used: acrylic, polyester)

Forever 21 Poncho

Open-Front Southwestern Poncho (material used: acrylic)

So here’s the deal, ladies! As more people realize how easy it is to be a stylish, smart, and compassionate trendsetter, the industry is catching on, too. It’s important to note that all the brands in this article made the decision to ban angora wool in the past year alone—just think what a huge difference another year could make! If you love rabbits and hate that they’ve been tortured for their fur, know that you can encourage even more companies to ditch angora for good by pledging never to wear it yourself!

Once we’re armed with the knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors in the angora industry, we can recognize that industry for what it really is: archaic and cruel. Then we can begin to find all the great ways to have fun with our wardrobes while staying true to our ideals. No worries—we have your back! Keep in touch with all things ethical and vegan in our fashion section and on Pinterest!

Now go out there and fall in love with sweater weather!

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