Published by PETA.

When it comes to eye shadows, it’s all about the pigment. Subtle fresh tones work well for the office, but when the sun goes down we reach for those deeper, fierce tones that can out-illuminate the candles over dinner and outlast extended mix after extended mix on the dance floor. While I would love to have fully stocked train cases—one for my daywear embellished with a little sunshine and one for nightwear embellished with a small adorable nocturnal animal—I am a thrifty girl and only have one. Recently, however, I was able to figure out a sneaky trick to help turn my office shades into fierce club-appropriate shades with the addition of one wonderful product—the e.l.f. All Over Color Stick.

All of e.l.f.’s products are super-affordable—the All Over Color Sticks come in four different shades and are only $1 apiece! Just use the one that most closely resembles or complements the eye shadow that you want to use. Apply a thin layer to your lids using your finger, then follow by sweeping on your powder eye shadow. The result will be a more intense version of your powder shadow. My favorite combo is the Pink Lemonade All Over Color Stick with the Pretty ‘n’ Pink eye shadow—also made by e.l.f.

e.l.f. loves animals and loves enhancing your natural beauty. Check them out in places like Target, Kmart, and their online shop.

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