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The undeniable demand for vegan sweets is being satisfied by supermarkets and specialty shops alike. Everyone knows that chocolate is the king of sweets, but what about white chocolate? White chocolate sometimes contains cow’s milk, which contributes to a cycle of cruelty perpetuated by the dairy industry. Cows used for dairy produce milk for their babies, only to have it and their calves stolen from them. By going vegan, you help keep mother cows and their babies together. Thankfully, these compassionate companies are making delicious, indulgent white chocolate without cow’s milk!

Whether you need chocolate chips for baking—or you’re just having a snack attack—here are some wonderful ways to indulge in vegan white chocolate:


VGAN Chocolate Vegan White Chocolate with Almonds & Salty Caramel

Made from a coconut cream and cacao butter base, this bar has a luscious caramel sweetness and an almond crunch throughout.

vgan chocolates vegan white chocolate bar

iChoc Feel Free White Vanilla

“Feel free” to indulge in these bars, available at the Vegan Essentials online store.

PETA Rescue! Bars

Scoop up a Chocolate to the Rescue Bar. In addition to White Chocolate, these come in Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Macadamia Nuts, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavors. All profits go directly toward supporting PETA’s vital work for animals.

vegan candy bars in colorful packaging


No Whey! Foods Milkless Polar Dream White

These bars come in a five pack, because one just won’t do.

Organica White Bar

White chocolate fans can sleep easy now that this rich, creamy vegan bar is on the market. It’s also organic, fair-trade, and gluten-free.

Photo of vegan white chocolate bar by Organica

Whelpdale Chocolates Vegan White Chocolate Bar

Check out the full line of Whelpdale’s scrumptious vegan chocolate bars.

Vegan white chocolate bar by Whelpdale


For a list of all vegan chocolate chips, check this out.

Pascha Chocolate’s White Rice Milk Chocolate Chips

Pascha has everything a vegan baker needs, including loads of recipes on its website.


Vantastic Foods’ Vegan White Chocolate Spread

Vegan Essentials says that “anywhere you think that this spread would make food better, it most likely will do just that.”

Feeling inspired? Check out our guide to everything vegan chocolate.

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