Published by Rachel Harp.

Let’s face it: A dairy-filled choco taco isn’t all it’s chocoed up to be. PETA is here to introduce you to some delicious options that aren’t made with milk that’s taken from playful and intelligent animals.

So ditch the dairy and let’s taco ’bout a few delightfully dairy-free choices.

Conscious Creamery’s Vanilla Fudge Gelato Taco (Sacramento, California)

This dreamy creation can be found at the all-vegan, family-owned Conscious Creamery in Sacramento, California. The homemade waffle cone taco shell is filled with a creamy vegan vanilla gelato striped with a fudge ribbon and then dipped in delicious dark chocolate and topped with toasted almonds. And as an added bonus, it’s already gluten-free. This blast-from-the-past treat will have you asking, “Who needs an ice cream truck?” in no time.

Cold Truth Soft Serve (Detroit, Michigan)

If you ever find yourself in Detroit on a “Taco Tuesday,” you can stop by this vegan soft-serve spot for its twists on the classic choco taco. It offers options such as Blueberry Sweet Creem and Lavender Latte for the filling, depending on the season. Be sure to ask about its vegan toppings.

Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos (Santa Clara, California)

This Santa Clara, California, shop specializes in choco tacos, offering a variety of vegan options. Not feeling the classic? That’s OK! This place gives you the opportunity to customize everything but the vegan shell. You can pick your vegan ice cream (flavors change seasonally) and dip choice (dark chocolate or peanut butter) and then add up to three vegan toppings to perfect your creation. Taco ’bout choices!

Or maybe you’d prefer endless customization? We’ve got you covered with these build-your-own choco taco recipes that you can make from the comfort of your kitchen.

Flora & Vino’s Dark Chocolate ‘Choco-Tacos’

A bit different from your classic choco taco, this recipe calls for an actual corn tortilla taco shell instead of a waffle cone shell. It uses dairy-free dark chocolate rather than standard vanilla ice cream for the filling. Of course, it also uses dairy-free chocolate chips for the chocolate coating. Toppings are left up to you, but Flora & Vino offers the classic crushed peanuts, coconut, or chocolate chips as good options.

Thee Burger Dude’s Vegan Choco Taco

This recipe veganizes the classic version of the ice cream truck staple. The waffle taco shell uses chilled coconut cream, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Be sure to use coconut milk that doesn’t come from a company that uses monkey labor. Thee Burger Dude sticks with a dairy-free plain vanilla ice cream for the filling and tops it with vegan chocolate and chopped roasted and salted peanuts. But you can use your favorite ice cream flavor and brand along with whatever toppings you’re in the mood for. Check out some of PETA’s favorite brands for inspiration.

Spare cows and moove on over to these vegan options that are sure to have you screaming for more from here to sundae. Trust us—after trying a vegan choco taco, you’ll realize that dairy-based desserts are udder nonsense.

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