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What are plant-based butchers? To start with, they’re part of a movement that’s sweeping the world. Just last year, there were only two vegan butchers in North America, and now there are six more. Second, vegan butchers make sumptuous meats from plants—that’s right, juicy, flavorful “meat” that doesn’t require the needless slaughtering of animals. Who wouldn’t be into that idea?

In addition to the animal abuse and killing, more and more people are learning about the disastrous effects that meat has on the environment and their personal health. No wonder there’s a growing demand for kinder, cleaner food options.

Check out these eight game-changing meat-free meat shops:

The Herbivorous Butcher

Since early 2016 the brother-and-sister team behind this Minnesota-based shop has been offering delectable selections, such as beer brats, Italian sausage, Sriracha brats, Cuban pork, hickory bacon, and so much more. Phew, that’s a vegan mouthful!

The Very Good Butchers

From humble beginnings at a farmer’s market to a brick-and-mortar butchery, these British Columbia–based vegans are unstoppable.

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The Butcher’s Son

This Berkeley, California, butcher shop and delicatessen serves a meatball grinder, a steak and egg hoagie, buffalo bacon ranch fried chicken, and so much more.

No Evil Foods

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, this vegan meat company sells its small batch of meats in a number of Southern and Midwestern states. Find a location.

Monk’s Meats

We’ve already sung the praises of this wonderful butcher shop—and with good reason. Just check out these mouthwatering burgers—just one example of the goodies it’s serving in the Brooklyn area.

Cena Vegan

This Los Angeles–based pop-up restaurant offers bulk vegan meats, such as carne asada and pulled pork. It will soon also sell online, so stay tuned!

The Abbot’s Butcher

The Abbot’s Butcher sells meat throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, California, and its products will soon be available through the Vegan Essentials website.


YamChops has a brick-and-mortar location in Toronto and delivers plant-based proteins around the city.

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