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We’re always in the mood to sing the praises of vegan bacon. It has none of the cruelty and all of the taste of traditional bacon, so there’s no reason to eat the kind that comes from the abuse and killing of sentient animals in a horrendous industry. Foods such as coconut, rice paper, oyster mushrooms, and tempeh make delicious bacon replacements. There are also many vegan bacon products in local grocery stores.

Like many others, we laughed at and loved the viral TTLA sandwich video, so we thought that it would be a good time to share all these gorgeous photos of vegan BLT sandwiches.

Make this your new lunch staple:

Tempeh bacon, butter lettuce, and fresh cracked pepper on whole wheat bread. Heaven.


A TLT is a variation on the BLT that stars tofu instead of vegan bacon.

This sandwich features battered and fried green tomatillos in place of tomatoes:

Looks like the Vegan Nirvana restaurant is really living up to its name:

BLT on a bagel is the perfect breakfast:

Height is one way to measure the greatness of a sandwich:

That must mean that this sandwich is really great:

Adding avocado is so obvious:


This sammie features arugula as a special ingredient for a little tang:

Lettuce in lieu of bread? Why not?

We love this post because it incorporates one of our favorite things: meal planning!

Your Bacon Had a Name

Pigs are quite sophisticated. They’re also social, playful animals who are protective of their young and form strong bonds with other pigs. They’re clean, and they don’t sweat as humans do, so they prefer cool surfaces, such as mud, to help regulate their body temperature.

On any given day in the U.S., more than 73 million pigs are living on farms, and about 120 million are killed for food each year.

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