Published by Jennifer Bates.

We love the smoky, salty flavor of bacon, but we don’t love the animal suffering that’s inherent in its production. That’s why we’re so excited about Vegan Good Things blogger Leinana Two Moons’ new cookbook, Baconish, which revels in all things bacon—minus the cruelty to pigs, of course.

Using ingredients as varied as jackfruit, carrots, and coconut, Baconish shows you how to make “bacon” that’s as good to your taste buds as it is to your heart. But it doesn’t stop there—the cookbook also features recipes that incorporate the “bacon,” such as Bacon-Stuffed French Toast or Tofu Bacon Carbonara. Just check out this recipe from the cookbook, which includes banana chips and coconut bacon:

Elvis Cupcakes

elviscupcake EDITAnthony Two Moons

Hungry for more? Add Baconish to your cookbook collection today.


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