Apps That Make Going Vegan Easier Than Ever

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Perhaps you can recall a time before smartphone apps could magically link you to vegan meals, identify cruelty-free products, and decorate your texts with cute veggie emojis—but why would you want to? Vegan apps can be treasure troves of knowledge that help us save animals, which is why we’ve compiled some favorites that we think you’ll love.

Here are our top vegan apps that you need to download now:


What list would be complete without our very own iPhone app? Stay up to date on all of PETA’s urgent alerts and take action to help animals, right from your mobile phone.

Bunny Free

Check if a company is cruelty-free! Bunny Free lets you search for companies by name and tells you whether or not they test on animals.

Bunny Free Screen Shot


Help animals out by using this all-vegan food and product review app! Each time you leave a review, abillion will donate $1 to our life-changing work for animals in need. All you have to do is download the app, leave a review, and then select PETA as your benefiting charity. You’ll also discover great vegan finds along the way.

Daniella’s Digest

Need some personalized tips and guidance for going vegan? This app created by actor and PETA supporter Daniella Monet will help. You’ll get access to plenty of experts and resources to help you go vegan or just expand your cooking skills, including lifestyle coaches, grocery lists, recipes, and even live classes. Whether you’re cooking for just yourself or your whole family, Daniella’s Digest will help you create nourishing, satisfying meals that are also animal-friendly.

Vegan Foods

If you’re looking to try some new vegan recipes, this app can help. Search by meal type, ingredient, or cooking method for delicious recipes such as Vegan Cheese Khachapuri and Vegan Almond Cookies. There’s even a section with high-protein vegan dishes.


This convenient directory helps you find vegan businesses, brands, and professionals near you—you can even search for vegan doctors, real estate agents, and plumbers.


How did we ever find awesome vegan food in new towns before the advent of HappyCow? This app locates the nearest vegan- and vegetarian-friendly establishments based on your location and then fills you in on all the yummy details.

Is It Vegan?

We could spend all day carefully scanning the ingredients on packages, but somehow, we’d manage to miss one every now and then. Enter: Is It Vegan?! Scan a product, and your problem is solved!

Is It Vegan


This one’s mainly just for fun, but then again, aren’t all emoji apps? It’s the newest on the list—and perhaps the cutest. Created by the vegan brand Follow Your Heart and Internet-famous rapper Lil B, these adorable emojis reflect the vegan lifestyle.


Songbird Saver

Millions of songbirds die every year in collisions with communication towers because they’re attracted to the tower lights. The innovative Songbird Saver app allows you to contact communication tower engineers across America and ask them to replace steady-burning lights with flashing ones, a simple change that would save countless birds’ lives.

Vegan Surprise

This new app finds vegan food for you. All nearby vegan fare will be marked with a carrot icon, while restaurants with vegan options are marked with a corn.


A great resource for new vegans, gonutss allows you to translate your favorite foods to vegan! Just search for a non-vegan food to find products, recipes, and ingredients. The app also includes a protein calculator if you’re focused on working out and eating to gain muscle.

 Vanilla Bean

On-the-go plant-based eaters can breathe a sigh of relief, because finding a nearby vegan restaurant just got easier.

Here is a new interactive app that will facilitate your vegan wanderlust. The free restaurant guide lists vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free fare in 16,000 eateries across the U.S., and is also hooked up to more than 4,200 venues in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as some cities in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.



These apps make your life more convenient and help animals at the same time. What could be better? Check out the PETA Shop for other great ways to achieve this most perfect balance.

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