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Many of us are thankful for animals every day and choose not to include them on our plates each day of the year. Around the holidays, however, we are given the extra opportunity to let our compassion shine through via tasty vegan recipes that inspire our loved ones to extend their circle of compassion too.

One of the nicest (and sneakiest) ways that you can show others how fantastic vegan food is, is to offer to prepare the Thanksgiving meal—or at least some of it. The following are the top five recipe cheats that help to veganize many a traditional holiday dish:

  1. Vegetable broth. If your family tends to use chicken stock for everything, vegetable broth is a simple substitution that costs about the same and comes in boxes or cubes and can act just like chicken broth.
  2. Vegan margarine. Spreads like Smart Balance® 37% Light Buttery Spread are the perfect substitute for cholesterol-laden butter. Just use it exactly the same as you would butter in all your cooking.
  3. Plain soy milk. For recipes that call for milk, you can just use the exact same amount of soy milk to replace the milk.
  4. Silken tofu. You might not expect your Uncle Bill to enjoy tofu, but hidden inside a pumpkin pie, it just might not seem so scary after all.
  5. Just make a vegan green bean casserole. This isn’t an ingredient per se, but it is a secret weapon that helps to ensure a magical Thanksgiving dining experience for all. Woo them with this veganized recipe for the classic holiday dish.

Thanksgiving Main Dishes to Be Thankful for This Year

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