Published by PETA.

The season of eating is rapidly approaching, and if you have a lot of cooking and baking planned this year, make plans now to do something better for animals and your body: Dump the dairy.

Thinking of baking up a batch of cookies for your sweet Aunt Sue? Instead of traditional butter-laden bites, give her the gift of no cholesterol instead! Replacing the dairy in your favorite recipes is easy. There is no fumbling around with complicated concoctions, and you don’t need to throw out all your favorite recipes or anything. You just need to clean up their act with a little vegan inspiration:

  • Try substituting plain soy milk for recipes that call for milk. You can just use the exact same amount of soymilk to replace the milk that it calls for.
  • If it’s buttermilk that you need, simply add one tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to one cup plain soymilk. The result will be a thicker, sour type soymilk.
  • To replace butter, try a healthy nonhydrogenated style spread. Just use it exactly the same as you would butter.
  • To replace eggs, you can use things that you might already have on hand, like soft tofu or mashed potatoes. Check out this list of simple egg replacements.

Easy peasy, right? Now that you are ready to veganize your baking, need more inspiration? Search for recipes here!

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