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The vegan fast-food boom is still going strong. Taco Bell announced that the return of its popular Nacho Fries this year would also include a new vegan menu item. Beginning October 12, compassionate customers can order Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho Sauce. Made from chickpeas and soy instead of cow’s milk, this sauce helps spare the lives of intelligent, playful cows who are abused by the dairy industry.

hand dipping vegan nacho fries into a dairy-free cheese sauce from taco bell© Taco Bell
Patrons got a taste of this spicy queso sauce when the chain tested its Vegan Crunchwrap at three locations—in Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando, Florida. But now, no matter where you go for your Taco Bell fix, you’ll be able to dip into dairy-free cheese sauce.

taco bell's vegan crunchwrap on a taco bell bag next to packets of hot sauce© Taco Bell
While the Vegan Nacho Sauce will be available only for a limited time, Taco Bell has been slowly rolling out new vegan menu items for years and has stressed its commitment to developing new (and delicious) vegan options. Prior to the successful test of the Vegan Crunchwrap, the chain tested a cow-friendly carne asada steak in collaboration with Beyond Meat, a proprietary vegan ground beef, and a meatless Naked Chicken Chalupa shell.

Best Vegan Fast-Food Options of 2021, including the vegan naked chicken chalupa taco bell

Taco Bell’s Naked Chalupa with a crispy plant-based shell

Taco Bell’s regular menu is already one of the most vegan-friendly around, with easily customizable and tasty options like the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme (order it fresco style), Cinnamon Twists, and fresco-style bean burrito.

By going vegan, you can spare the lives of countless animals who otherwise would be killed in the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Order a free vegan starter kit to make the change today, and check out our tips on ordering vegan at Taco Bell and other chain restaurants.

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