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Going vegan is definitely gaining popularity as more people learn about the cruelty of eating meat and dairy “products” and the destruction that animal agriculture wreaks on the environment and human health. Here are 14 telltale signs that you’re an Asian vegan:

1. Your parents’ reaction when you first tell them that you’re going vegan is:

2. And they always seem to forget that you’re vegan.

Um … that kind of defeats the whole purpose.

3. Or they simply say:

Seriously, though …

4. You knew what durian smelled like before it was cool.

Scratch that. Durian will never be cool. Too smelly.

5. You can’t even trust your own people.

6. And you’ve become a badass in the kitchen.

7. Meeting another Asian vegan makes you feel like this:

8. Rice is as essential to life as water is.

9. Happiness is discovering a vegan dish at an Asian restaurant that doesn’t contain fish sauce.

10. Your folks may not fully comprehend your love for companion animals.

11. And people love to ask if you eat dogs.

Come on, now.

12. You’re pretty much the only Asian you know who isn’t obsessed with Korean barbecue.

13. Unless, of course, it’s made with plant-based meat.

14. Some of your friends think that you’re borderline ridiculous. It doesn’t matter, though, because you’re always happy to be a voice for the animals in your community!

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