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It’s easier than ever to find great vegan food videos that appeal to your personal tastes. Outlets like NowThis Food, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, and Thrillist regularly release content that highlights wonderful vegan restaurants or showcases delicious recipes that you can make at home.

While we can all agree that these videos always look good, there’s one YouTube channel that’s redefining what they can sound like: Peaceful Cuisine.

Peaceful Cuisine is a perfect name for the delicious vegan meals that you’ll see on the channel. Every year, billions of animals suffer and die in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Remove the violence from your plate by ditching all animal-derived “products,” and see how much better you feel.

Throwing noisy background music out the window, many Peaceful Cuisine videos feature soothing piano or string melodies (or no music at all) and emphasize the incidental, ASMR-inducing sounds of the kitchen that everyone is familiar with—the soft clinking of dishes and cutlery, bags being opened and closed, water rolling to a boil, and food slowly sizzling and simmering. Check out this surprisingly zen recipe video for vegan Pad Thai to get an idea:

Watching these serene videos can be the perfect way to unwind. With no crazy animations or quick movements to distract you, they allow you to discover new vegan dishes in a setting that feels so intimate and personal that you just might be lulled to sleep.

Peaceful Cuisine has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Featuring dishes from different cultures around the world, it’s a one-stop shop for vegans (and anyone else) looking for a refreshing new take on recipe videos.

What do you think? Do you prefer the videos with or without music?

Many fans of Peaceful Cuisine videos are music-free purists, while some people find the sounds of lids being unscrewed and metal utensils scraping on things almost maddening. Whichever your preference—with or without music—we think you’ll find these videos fascinating.

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