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People magazine wisely chose 12-year vegan Matthew Modine as one of the “Sexiest Men in the Kitchen.”

Modine is a man of many talents. Not only has he starred in classic movies such as Full Metal Jacket and in the recent television sensation Stranger Things, he also knows his way around the kitchen better than most.

Modine was a professional chef before he was a pro actor. In a video interview with People, he explains why vegan baking is better than the kind laden with animal-derived ingredients: “[C]hefs have gotten so good at making healthy sinful food. I think some vegan pastries are better than those with butter and sugar!”

The actor is a natural entertainer and says, “I love inviting people to my house and preparing food for them.” He goes on to talk about his favorite dessert (apple pie), how to make a fantastic vegan meatloaf (mushrooms, wild rice, and ketchup), and why chocolate cake is the best thing ever.

“I love chocolate cake,” Modine gushes. “It produces a euphoria. Everyone knows chocolate cake is an aphrodisiac!”

Could this guy get any more awesome? Read more of the People magazine interview.

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