three photos from Latin American owned vegan meat brands; on the left is a vegan burger with a Tomorrow Foods flag stuck into the top of the bun; in the middle is a photo of three sopes filled with vegan meat; and the photo on the right shows a vegan burger from delike foods

These Vegan Meat Brands Based in Latin America Are Sizzling Successes

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Ditching meat and going vegan are the best things you can do for animals, the planet, and your own health, so it makes sense that vegan meat has been on the rise in many Latin American countries. As demand for animal-friendly products increases, companies across the region are rising to the occasion, creating delicious and innovative faux meats packed with the flavors that Latin American cuisines are known for.

These brands are creating vegan versions of proteins, from chorizo and carnitas to burgers and chicken nuggets, that challenge the meat industry, which treats cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and other animals as if they were objects, not individuals:


NotCo is a Chilean company that’s using an innovative AI to create vegan options that taste delicious, with unique ingredients like pineapple, coconut, sour cabbage, and seeds. Its products include animal-free chicken, burgers, cutlets, milk, cream, and more. The brand can be found at Burger King and Papa John’s in Chile and on store shelves in other Latin American countries. It’s also expanding its NotBurger, NotChicken, and NotMilk offerings to U.S. markets.


Mexico-based company Delike makes six flavors of vegan burgers, along with three varieties of tasty veggie “bites.” These meatless patties are made with nutritious whole foods, including brown rice, beans, lentils, oats, and veggies for quick and easy meals.

Felices las Vacas

Felices las Vacas (“Happy Cows”) is an Argentinian brand making vegan meat, dairy, and other tasty foods with respect for animals. Its products include crispy breaded “meat” cutlets, vegan chicken nuggets, plant-based grilled burger patties and cheeses, and more. Its savory patties are also available at Latin America’s first vegan fast-food chain, JOY Burgers & Plants.

Mundo Vegetal

Mundo Vegetal’s crispy tofu Milanese, veggie sticks, falafel bites, and more make it super-simple to add a healthy dose of protein and flavor to any meal. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the brand can be found at various shops and markets around the city.


Vegan brand Benji is approaching traditional Mexican meats in a nontraditional way, by creating healthy, fat-free carnitas, chorizo, bistec, pollo, chicharron, and more. Its products are made with protein-packed vital wheat gluten, and they’re full of flavorful spices and marinated in sauces for an authentic taste free from cruelty.

The Live Green Co.

The Live Green Co. is a Chilean food tech company that produces vegan meats better for animals and the planet. Its goal is to use ancestral knowledge about native plants to create a healthier and more sustainable alternative to processed foods. Pea protein, chickpeas, flax, lentils, mushrooms, and other whole foods make up its meaty vegan burgers.

Tomorrow Foods

Tech-forward Argentinian company Tomorrow Foods is creating vegan meat, egg, and dairy products with the goal of fighting climate change through animal-free food. Since animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to the climate catastrophe and other environmental disasters, going vegan makes a lot of sense.

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