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Looking for a tasty new item to add to your dinner plate? Look no further: Jackfruit is here—and according to Pinterest’s food trends of 2017, it looks like it’s here to stay.

Even though it’s a fruit, as its name indicates, jackfruit—which is known for its “meaty” texture—is often used to replace shredded beef or pork. Also called “jack,” it’s typically found in South and Southeast Asia. Between 150 and 200 jacks can grow on one tree’s branches and trunk each year, and each one can weigh up to 100 pounds! Each also contains hundreds to thousands of flowers that have fused together and surround the seeds, which are the actual fruit. This tropical beauty has taken the vegan and vegetarian world by storm.

And with a 420 percent increase in interest among Pinterest users, the general public might just be persuaded to try this delicious food.

Jackfruit is a true super-fruit: Not only is it packed with protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium, it’s also extremely versatile and delicious. Whether blended in a yummy fruit smoothie or used in vegan nachos, tacos, or hearty sandwiches, it can be used in just about any way that you can imagine. You can buy it fresh, canned, or prepared.

Check out these 10 scrumptious dishes that feature jackfruit:

1. Vegan Nachos with Barbecue Jackfruit by Dora’s Daily Dish

2. Jackfruit Nagasari by ditamignonesia

3. Freshly Squeezed Jackfruit Juice by fruitivorous

4. BBQ Jackfruit Sammies by plantbasedblonde

5. Jacked-Up Vegan Ribs by FatFreeVegan Kitchen

6. Puerco Sandwich by klean_slate

7. BBQ Jackfruit Tacos by vegan_danielle

8. Black Bean and Chipotle BBQ Jackfruit Sopes by lisamyaf

9. Jackfruit Taquitos by The Mostly Vegan

10. Jackfruit Jelly by thepetitechef

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