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New York City’s East Village got a lot tastier when Superiority Burger moved in. Its famous vegan sandwich is so mind-blowing that it challenges the very definition of the word “burger.” People can rave all they want about its texture and taste, but chef and former punk-rock drummer Brooks Headley won’t divulge its ingredients.

GQ describes the Superiority Burger as a “nutty patty” topped with roasted tomato and iceberg lettuce. The magazine was clearly moved by this divine sandwich, declaring it “the perfectly proportioned Platonic ideal of a burger.”

You can also expect the unexpected at Superiority Burger, as its menu changes on a whim. “We’ve come up with a lot of our specials during little lulls in service …. Everybody runs down to the basement and picks up a project,” Headley explains.

Hungry yet? We thought so. Check out the shop’s hours so that you can plan your NYC vacation accordingly!

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