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Also known as “The Morticia Addams of the Raw Vegan World,” longtime chef Adaora Osimiri-Lewis is the mysterious genius behind the popular Goth in the Raw blog and Instagram account. Their gorgeous recipe photos have gained them a devout following among fans of raw and vegan food.

Their fondness for cooking, health, and gothic subculture developed around the same time. At age 16, they realized that being gothic doesn’t mean that you have to do dark, twisted things like eating dead animals. They’ve been vegan ever since and has been following a raw-food diet for about six years.

We’re obsessed with their dark, sinister aesthetic and insanely delicious raw vegan recipes.

Let’s Go Goth:

1. The Nosferatu Pop is an ode to Dracula and includes dark cherries, cracked black peppercorn, lemon, lemon zest, and agave.

2. This black cashew cheese looks to-die-for.

3. This is the perfect witching-hour treat (also known as a midnight snack): Pumpkin King Nice Cream topped with Coconut Ash and Banana Super-Dark Raw Chocolate.

4. The perfect centerpiece for Halloween (any goth’s favorite holiday), their creamy Kumato and Purple Bell Pepper Soup is sprinkled with Rosemary Garlic Eggplant Croutons.

5. Vixens, this one’s for you: Chopped Red Kale Salad with Netherworld Goddess Dressing and sunflower seeds.

6. Night Flight Smoothie Bowl, anyone? I mean, how cute is this?

7. Have a sweet tooth? (Or should we say, sweet fang?) This Pretty in Putrid Cheesecake Tart is for you—made with muscovado sugar, shredded coconut, black chocolate drizzle, and candied lotus root.

8. The Widow Fettuccine Alfredo features black garlic, shaved black trumpet mushrooms, and Brazil nut “parmesan.”

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