Published by Ashley Palmer.

Tofu is arguably the most iconic—and most misunderstood—of all vegetarian foods. I’ll admit it: I was vegetarian for about two years before I ever gave tofu a chance. Boy, was I missing out! Lucky for you, Nasoya is “schooling you” on this famous food, which is perfect for any occasion!

Tofu U is Nasoya’s latest campaign to teach people how versatile and wonderful tofu can be. Through an easy-to-navigate recipe searchhow-to videos (including how to press your tofu), and tons of resources to teach you all about tofu, Nasoya has got all the bases covered.

I can’t wait to try the tofu thai pizza (just sub in vegan cheese), the peanut tofu stir-fry, and the tofu chocolate mousse.

But my favorite part is the Tofu U pledge. Just pledge to make a tofu dish once a week for a month, and you’ll receive a Nasoya coupon! You can also claim free swag, such as a pair of adorable “Extra Firm” women’s shorts, when you send in the UPC labels of four Nasoya products.

Have you been reluctant to try tofu in your own home? Share your story in the comments below, and let me know which recipe you decide to try first!

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