Published by Zachary Toliver.

Have you seen Manchester by the Sea yet? Without giving too much away, the character played by bona fide super-cool vegan Casey Affleck unexpectedly has to take care of his teenage nephew.

We’re always excited to see Affleck on the big screen—and when Gardein products made a cameo in the film, it was the (vegan) icing on the cake.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

During a key scene, the nephew (played by Lucas Hedges) opens a freezer, and a frozen chicken falls out. This sparks a breakdown of emotion, as the carcass reminds him of his dead father. It’s in this scene that you clearly see that the top freezer shelf is filled with Gardein products.

Bravo for making such a blunt connection between a dead chicken and the character’s deceased father to initiate the character’s emotional response. But it’s also exciting that out of all the possible product placements that the film’s creators (and Affleck!) could have chosen, Gardein made the cut.

If you haven’t seen Manchester by the Sea, run—don’t walk—to the theater. The movie has received a load of positive reviews, including one from Rolling Stone, which deemed it one of this year’s best dramas and noted that it “takes a piece out of you.”

Don’t Break Down in Front of Your Fridge

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