Published by Michelle Reynolds.

Is it a coincidence that the acronym for “standard American diet” is “SAD”?

A powerful new documentary, Eating You Alive, is giving us the information that Big Ag and Big Pharma don’t want us to have. Meat, dairy “products,” fat, and sugar trigger the dopamine or “pleasure” centers in our brains the same way that cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines do. They are just as addictive. And they are killing us.

Director James Cameron, who won a PETA Proggy Award for the animal-friendly film Avatar, compares the meat industry to the tobacco industry in the film. Take a look at the trailer here:

Eating You Alive exposes how Big Ag and Big Pharma keep people shelling out their money for junk food and shelling out yet more for a daily cocktail of pills to try to fix what the junk food does to their bodies. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

“We have the cure. We’ve had it for decades, yet hundreds of thousands of people continue to die from this preventable, treatable, reversible disease.”

—Dr. Michael Greger

As dozens of doctors, nutritionists, scientists, athletes, and people who were literally brought back from the brink of death attest in this eye-opening film, we have the knowledge and the power to lead long, healthy, productive, happy lives. If we act on it, corporations won’t win. We will.

“I’m healthier than I was even 20 years ago. So when my wife and I adopted a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, we basically changed the trajectory of my family’s future.”

—Marc Ramirez

Although there is a warning at the beginning of the film about graphic images, the farmed animal footage is relatively brief. But the film does make its point about how animals are beaten, abused, and killed for meals.

Eating You Alive should be required viewing in health classes, in physical education classes, in nutritional and biological studies, and for anyone struggling with chronic debilitating health problems. Please, for your health and the health of those you love, watch this documentary and share it as widely as you can. We can break the hold that Big Ag and Big Pharma have on us. Our lives depend on it.

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