Published by Rachel Harp.

If you’re looking for a gift for the coffee lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place. From mugs to vegan milk machines, this list has you covered from the grounds up.

This is the coffee gift guide you’ve bean searching for!

Get a Bag of PETA’s Rescue Roast

Support PETA and get a bag of beans or grounds from the PETA Shop. This rich and smooth medium roast coffee is the perfect way to caffeinate before a protest.

Pick a Mug With a Message

The PETA Shop has a number of mugs to choose from—and each one helps spread an important message.

Rats have rights mug from the PETA Shop.

Or get the peta2 oat milk glass for someone who prefers a cold brew.

oat milk latte on a counter

Rise and Shine With a Gift From RISE Brewing Co.

Send them a case of cold brews from RISE Brewing Co., a PETA Business Friend. Get the variety pack so they can try multiple flavors. If they prefer hot coffee, you can get them some of the Barista Blend Oat Milk instead.

Encourage Them to Relax With Some Coffee-Themed Socks From -CILU

These comfy coffee-inspired socks are made from recycled grounds. Get a pair of shoes for yourself while you’re there.

Pour-Over Sets to Please the Picky Ones

Get a Kalita Wave or a Hario V60 for the person who prefers pour-over, and don’t forget to add a kettle like this one from SAKI. If you do get a pour-over set, make sure it’s one without a leather cord made from someone’s skin.

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Give the Gift of Homemade Milk With a Nutr Machine

This machine makes an excellent gift for coffee drinkers who want homemade milk in their morning coffee. It can make a multitude of milks, including oat, soy, and almond!

Impress Them With the Barista Touch Impress From Breville

Bring the coffee shop to them. This espresso machine features different settings for almond, oat, and soy milks so you can steam and froth to perfection.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gift Card

If the coffee lover in your life prefers to get java from a shop, give them a gift card to their favorite local spot. Blue Bottle Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters are two chains that don’t charge extra for vegan milks, so we suggest you start there. Skip Starbucks until it stops charging extra for vegan milks.


Thankfully, most coffee-related gift ideas are vegan-friendly by default, but there are a few items to avoid. Kopi luwak, also known as “civet coffee,” is cruelly cultivated by exploiting civet cats. Dairy creamers are made of milk stolen from sensitive mother cows and their babies. Be sure to give the gift of cruelty-free caffeine to all your coffee-loving cohorts.

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