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Now this is something that any food enthusiast, movie lover, or vegan will appreciate! PETA’s very own director of youth outreach and campaigns, Dan Shannon, and his wife, Annie, have taken on the epic task of veganizing every recipe in the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

The Betty Crocker Project: Reuben Sandwich with Coleslaw
Betty Crocker Goes Vegan

Their blog was inspired by the recent chick flick Julie & Julia, which is about a young woman who blogs about her experiences cooking all the recipes from one of Julia Child’s cookbooks. Annie was deeply upset by one scene in the movie in which a lobster is boiled alive and decided to take on a more humane cooking challenge of her own.

Whether it’s a tuna casserole or shrimp scampi, the Shannons will leave no page unturned—they have committed to the challenge of creating a delicious and humane alternative to each dish in the Betty Crocker Cookbook no matter how long it takes. And it might take a while—there are nearly 1,000 recipes in the cookbook!

Check out the Shannons’ incredible journey and all their mouthwatering and cruelty-free recipes here.

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