Published by PETA.

Vancouver-based bittermaker Ms. Better’s has invented a vegan cocktail foam made from a blend of three botanicals called the Miraculous Foamer. On the company’s website, it’s described as a “function forward bitter; its function is to foam not to flavour.”

For you lovers of fizzes and sours as well as other classic cocktails that call for egg foam, the Miraculous Foamer is said to leave the taste of your drink unaltered and melt away on the palate, “revealing a juicier drink.”

Ms. Better’s recommends adding six droppers of the Miraculous Foamer, dry shaking, and then hard shaking with ice.

Tell all your favorite bartenders to order the Miraculous Foamer and help spread the good word. Also check out our list of vegan cocktail recipes so you can live lavishly in the comfort of your own home, as well. Bottoms up!

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