Published by PETA.

Move over, quinoa, there’s a new superfood in town. It’s a patented strain of the red seaweed called dulse, and when you fry it, it happens to taste like bacon. Yes, you heard that correctly.

A research team at Oregon State University has created this new type of dulse that can actually be farmed, and it’s more nutritious than wild dulse. Chock full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, it’s said to pack twice the nutritional punch of kale. It grows quickly and can be cultivated anywhere that there is “a modest amount of seawater and some sunshine,” according to researcher Chris Langdon, which is better for both animals and the environment.

Chefs and entrepreneurs are experimenting with ways to develop this cruelty-free food that will please omnivores and vegans alike. We look forward to adding it to our veggie burgers or our tofu scramble as soon as possible. But until dulse bacon is widely available on the market, check out these other delicious options.

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