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A study published through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed the nutritional value of various fruits and vegetables, but instead of calculating how nutrient-dense each food is, they analyzed how much nutrition people are actually able to absorb from these foods. Surprisingly, kale was ranked as only number 15, providing less than half the nutrients of the healthiest food on the list. Take a look at the rankings for the top 10 healthiest greens:

10. Collard greens

9. Romaine lettuce

 8. Parsley

7. Leaf lettuce

6. Chicory

5. Spinach

 4. Beet greens

3. Chard

2. Chinese Cabbage

1. Watercress

While kale is still an extremely healthy food, it seems that people are unable to reap as much of the nutritional rewards from it as from these other 10 veggies. So the next time you’re in the produce aisle, mix it up by grabbing some of these other delicious and versatile veggies – you’ll be even healthier and better able to save animals!

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