Published by Michelle Reynolds.

With her new release about the horrors of chaining dogs, singer-songwriter Donna Hughes aims to make “One Less Dog in the Cold” a reality.

“I dream of a world where there’s no chains,” Donna says in the touching video. She asks compassionate people everywhere to help make her dream a reality.

Just like Donna, we have all seen dogs who are forced to spend their entire lives chained. For smart, social pack animals, the isolation, neglect, and suffering are tantamount to torture. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How You Can Help Dogs

If you live in Virginia or North Carolina or plan to visit, volunteer to spend one day helping PETA’s fieldworkers provide chained dogs with sturdy doghouses, warm straw, lightweight tie-outs, food, clean water, medicine, toys, treats, and affection while they try to convince the dogs’ owners to let them live indoors.

And no matter where you live, please sign the petition urging officials to make chaining dogs illegal nationwide.

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