Published by Michelle Reynolds.

There are few things in life that can’t be made better with a cute pig. If you could use a little more sunshine today (and who couldn’t?), here are five perfect videos of pigs playing, napping, exercising, snuggling, getting their tummies rubbed, and just being themselves that are guaranteed to make you smile.

These three piglets were saved from slaughter and are now showing the humans at their sanctuary how much fun you can have with a plastic toy, a shoelace, a bowl of water, and a couple of friends.

Some days just call for naps. These pigs enjoying their afternoon siesta might make you ready for bed.

Esther the Wonder Pig has made converts of bacon addicts everywhere, just by being her smart, sassy, hilarious self. She now has a sizable social media following, a YouTube show, and a New York Times bestseller. Here’s how Esther got her start and her life with her dads.

A culinary school student convinced a farm-to-table pig farmer to spare the life of this runt of the litter. Now playful pig Lexi is busy showing her sanctuary staff how to run things. And the student who saved her? He stopped eating pigs and all other animals, too.

Many people who have companion pigs compare them to dogs because they’re social, protective, and form strong bonds with their humans and other animals. They recognize their names, like to play ball, enjoy learning “tricks” for treats, and show empathy for others’ emotions. And pigs might like having their tummies rubbed even more than dogs do.

If a pig made you smile today, turnabout is fair play. Try out some of our favorite vegan sausages, bacon, roasts, ham, or hot dogs, and see for yourself why plants make better meals and pigs make better friends.

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